New research shows that you should never wear shoes without socks

Medical professionals say if you don’t wear socks you’ll suffer the consequences.

man putting on shoes with no socks

New research shows that you should never wear shoes without socks.

Not so long ago, one would assume that women were more likely to wear shoes without socks, but recent trends prove that men are leading the way when it comes to this unhealthy practice.

A recent College of Podiatry study revealed that the current trend for not wearing socks has led to a rapid rise in fungal infections, such as athlete’s foot, and is encouraging bacteria to breed in footwear.

Perhaps not surprising when you consider that the average foot sweats about a cup a day.

“Depending on the level of sweatiness of the foot, there may be issues with too much moisture in the feet, which can leave you vulnerable to fungal infections such as athlete’s foot," said Emma Stevenson from the College of Podiatry.

“On average your feet will sweat half a pint a day; that’s a lot to be pouring out straight into your shoe without it being absorbed by a sock.”

She suggests a couple of ways to prevent fungal infections from colonising your clodhoppers.

Her first recommendation is to give shoes at least two days to dry out after wearing them with no socks.

The second is to place tea bags in the bottom of your shoes to absorb excess moisture.

Also, you should probably not wear the same pair of shoes each day.

Do you wear shoes without socks? Did you know that your feet sweated so much?



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    17th Oct 2017
    Am waiting to see a model in stilettos wearing thick woolly socks!
    17th Oct 2017
    Don't encourage them.
    17th Oct 2017
    Have sailed all my life and never worn socks when sailing and nor do many others. Never had a problem with the stuff mentioned above. Maybe the salt water is healthy.
    17th Oct 2017
    I have a gouty toe, which means I'm very restricted in my choice of shoes (boat shoes are usually okay but formal or strong leather shoes are impossible) and socks inflict too much pain. I've never had problems of fungal infections and so on and I'm very sceptical of the claim that not wearing socks is unhealthy. Given that women have rarely worn socks, why don't women's feet share the blame?
    17th Oct 2017
    Women do wear socks with closed in shoes it is just that they only cover the foot and do not have tops showing above the leather. Shoes without socks would be very uncomfortable to wear and most people would have blisters on their heels from rubbing against the heel of the shoe.
    17th Oct 2017
    There are always new studies coming l out. Some people sweat more than others, Have mobility problems so choose to wear sandals without stockings.
    17th Oct 2017
    Have been wearing shoes without socks for years, never had a problem!
    17th Oct 2017
    I expect there are some men out there not wearing socks. But there wouldn't be very many.
    17th Oct 2017
    It's ok for women they don't need socks ......they wear band aids instead.
    17th Oct 2017
    Ha ha Tib
    17th Oct 2017
    oh my...l want to die...seem everything we are doing is wrong...where do these morons get their info..comic books or gaming on line...l am 73 and have to my knowledge have never worn socks or anything like it...and never had any problems with my these researchers understand socks have not been around that long...wat a great place to harbour yakies.
    17th Oct 2017
    Now they tell me. My biggest sock/foot problem was wearing artificial fibres, they really make my feet stink, which is probably an indication of unwelcome nasties on my tootsies. Up until recently I always wore wool sicks but nowadays they are too hard, almost impossible, to fine so I have to compromise on cotton blends.
    17th Oct 2017
    Eddy, try bamboo socks. Best working socks I've ever worn. The only drawback is that when washed, they take two days to dry.
    17th Oct 2017
    Do you know how to knit??
    17th Oct 2017
    Put a sock in it!!!
    17th Oct 2017
    I stopped wearing socks 3 years ago due to mobility problems and i wear slip on shoes now. My feet are healthier than before, they do not sweat as much and rarely get a fungal problem. My shoes have less odor than my socks used to have! I can't agree Leon that this practice is unhealthy and i prefer to put my teabags in a cup ! Also i don't need to wash any smelly socks which is a bonus.
    17th Oct 2017
    I am another who doesn’t wear socks and don’t plan to get back into them anytime soon !!
    17th Oct 2017
    Is it OK to wear them in bed especially at those "special"times??
    18th Oct 2017
    yes niemakawa it's ok in bed you probably could use them as jocks if it's winter.

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