Nine reasons you should drink beer

There are many good reasons to enjoy a cold beer, not the least of which are safeguarding your heart, boosting immunity and protecting your bones. Don’t believe us? Well, read on.

1. It’s good for your goggles
Lager or stout has been credited by Canadian researchers for helping to stop cataracts forming in the eyes. However, the opposite effect was found for those who had three or more drinks per day.

2. Prevent type 2 diabetes
Dutch researchers conducted a study of 38,000 male health professionals, and found that the ones who were moderate drinkers were significantly less likely to be diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Once again, the keyword is moderation.

3. Beer lowers blood pressure
Harvard researchers have found that those who drink beer in moderation are less likely to have high blood pressure or hypertension than those who drink wine or spirits. And if Harvard’s backing beer, it must be good for you (up to a point, of course!).

4. Beer increases bone density
Tufts University researchers have found that men who drank one or two beers a day had up to 4.5 per cent higher bone density, but again, the trick is moderation, as those who had more than two beers had 5.2 per cent lower bone density.

5. Beer helps with heart health
Researchers from Fondazione di Ricerca e Cura in Italy found that moderate beer drinkers actually had a 31 per cent lower risk of heart disease than their tee-totalling counterparts. But don’t run to the bar for a bender just yet – best results are achieved by drinking one pint of five per cent alcohol per day.

6. Pass a glass, not a kidney stone
Finnish scientists found that with each bottle of beer a man drinks daily, his risk of developing kidney stones lowered by as much as 40 per cent. They’re not sure why this happens, but it is believed that a high-fluid intake means more trips to the toilet, which, in turn, helps contribute towards healthy kidney function. The hops in beer may also help to slow the release of calcium from bone, which otherwise, would be absorbed in the bloodstream causing kidney stones.

7. Think more creatively
In a study published in the journal Consciousness and Cognition, 40 men were asked to complete verbal puzzles whilst they watched a movie. Those who had a blood alcohol reading of .075 actually solved the problems faster than the sober participants.

8. Rehydrate faster
According to a Spanish study, beer may be better for you after a workout than water. Researchers asked participants to exercise until they reached a body temperature of 40°C, then gave them either beer or water to rehydrate. Turns out, those who had the post-workout pint were more hydrated than those who drank water.

9. Confidence in a cup
British researchers have scientifically proven something most of us may already know – that the more beer a person drinks, the higher the opinion they have of themselves.

Scientists asked participants who had consumed either an alcoholic drink or a placebo to speak in front of an audience. They were asked to tell the crowd how good looking, intelligent or funny they thought they were. The ones who thought they were drunk – regardless of whether they were or not – had a much higher opinion of themselves than those who were sober.

So, it would seem, that having a couple of beers a day isn’t as bad as the world may have you believe. The main point to take from this is to keep it in moderation, or the positive effects quickly take a turn for the worse.

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