Five ways to keep the love alive

Birthdays and anniversaries are wonderful opportunities to demonstrate how much you love your partner, but these are only yearly events and can be expensive enterprises. There are 363 more days in the year that can potentially spell the difference between a relationship that grows stronger over time and one that is in need of some TLC. 

Here are five ways to maintain the love throughout the year:

A simple but important gesture you can make every day is to spend the time giving meaningful hellos and goodbyes. Kiss each other, hug each other, wish your partner a good day and tell them you love them each and every time you leave each other and reconnect at the end of the day. If there are others living in the house, try to make your partner the first person you say hi to and the last person you say goodbye to – elevating them to the most significant person in your life.

If your partner has told you that they have an important meeting on that day, make a note to ask them about it that night. If your partner tells you that they are feeling sick in the morning, send them a text during the day asking them how they are feeling. Try to remember the names of their close friends and workmates to show that you’ve been listening.

Life is intense. There is always something that needs to be addressed. To balance out all that heaviness, we need some levity and fun. Grab any opportunity to laugh by playing games, seeing stand-up comedians, watching comedies and reminiscing over funny moments from the past.

It’s wonderful to feel the stability of knowing each other so well and being able to predict what the other will do and when. But if our partner surprises us with a night away or an unexpected gift, it can help us feel young and connected.

It doesn’t cost anything to tell your partner that they look amazing, or that their meal was scrumptious, or that their speech at a friend’s party was fabulous. We are all quick to criticise, so it’s essential that our positive comments outweigh thenegative ones. Complimenting each other in public is a wonderful way to demonstrate your love and pride.

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