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Sonia is in her 60s and is gaining some weight. Though she is trying to lose that weight, her husband’s negative comments about her weight are simply not helping. She has asked YourLifeChoices relationship expert Jo Lamble for advice on how to deal with this situation. 


Q. Sonia
I’m in my 60s and starting to struggle to keep my weight under control. My husband’s comments are getting to me. Can I whack him?

A. Would it be wrong of me to say: Yes, you can whack him? Because if he is making comments about your weight, that’s not fair. It can be really hard to keep our weight under control as we get older because we start to slow down a bit and so does our metabolism. The experts tell us that we simply need to eat less but like any advice (including mine) that can be easier said than done. When you are trying to manage your weight, it’s important to surround yourself with supportive people. That’s one reason why your husband’s comments won’t help. 

Ask him for his support. Tell him that his comments are getting to you. Remind him that as you grow old together there will be more health issues to be faced for both of you. Talk to him about how he can help instead of hindering. For example, reassuring you that he loves you, no matter what shape you’re in is a good start. Offering to go for walks with you and suggesting other ways to exercise together will make you feel like he is on your side. 

Agreeing to assess what you’re both eating and how much you’re eating can make you feel less like the one with the problem. Reducing proportions and making small changes to what you eat and drink will most likely benefit him as much as you. If you haven’t already done so, it might be worth seeing a dietician as they have all sorts of tricks that can help, including learning how to improve the quality of what we’re eating and the timing of when we eat.

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Written by Jo Lamble

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