Millions of Aussies dumped for being poor

There are many reasons for ending a relationship.

According to a survey of 1000 men and women, published on El Crema, the top three reasons women give when breaking up involve not being ready for commitment, relationships moving too fast and male partners not earning enough money.

This is followed by men not being mature enough, their own need to focus on career and not liking their partner’s friends or family.

On the other hand, men break up with women because a relationship is ‘just not working’, they’ve met someone else or are simply not attracted to their partner any more.

Losing the sexual spark, the old ‘it’s not you, it’s me’ chestnut and focus on career make up the top six.

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A study conducted by Finder has found that around 2.5 million Australians have been dumped for having no savings, unpaid debt and poor financial knowledge.

In other words, for being poor.

The survey revealed 13 per cent of respondents have experienced a break-up because of their financial situation.

Six per cent were dumped because they had low income or savings, while 4 per cent became single after their own debt became a problem for their partner.

A further 3 per cent were dumped due to their lack of understanding of personal finances.

While the percentages read as minor, with 1007 respondents, Finder claims the survey is nationally representative.

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Regardless, the results show how financial struggles can affect your relationship status, with red flags including bad spending habits and hiding money problems, says personal finance expert Kate Browne.

“Communicate about money early on in your relationship,” she says.

“Be upfront about your attitude with spending and saving and skip the temptation to avoid the topic.

“If your partner won’t be transparent with you about their spending habits, that’s a major red flag.”

It seems money issues are a bigger problem for women or, depending on your perception, men, with 20 per cent of men dumped due to financial concerns, compared to just 5 per cent of women.

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The survey also revealed that more than seven million Australians are unaware how much their partner is worth.

Almost half (48 per cent) know how much their partner is worth and 12 per cent have a general idea, but don’t know exactly.

“Financial stress can cause major deterioration in a relationship, especially if you are long term and want to buy a home or start a family,” says Ms Browne.

“Even if you don’t combine bank accounts, you might want to consider developing a financial strategy to avoid arguments about money.”

Do you know how much your partner is worth? Have you ever been dumped due to money matters? How do you keep finances a healthy facet of your relationship? Why not share your thoughts and tips in the comments section below?

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