Nine things women wish men knew

Men are often quoted as saying that they have no idea what women want. We reckon we have some ideas, so today, we’re sharing those with you.

Caring is cool
It’s a common myth that women want ‘the hard man’. No, they want them to be caring and unafraid to show their sensitive side. Sure, you’ll need to be tough when the situation arises, but nurturing is a powerful way to a woman’s heart.

Chivalry isn’t dead
Open the door for her, let her through first, pull out her chair and push it in when she sits – not all chivalry is dead. It may sound cliché, but these gentlemanly acts will have her swooning. Besides, it’s nice to have social graces. Romance is also high on the ‘what she wants’ list. Bring home a bunch of flowers or light some candles at dinner and watch her face – you’ll see.

Dress to Impress
So, you like her to look good all the time but you’re still wandering around in your hiking shoes. If you expect her to dress nicely, then you too should dress to impress. Learn what she likes to see you wear and flaunt it. Here’s a tip: supposedly, studies have revealed that women like a man in red. So why not pick out a red tie, belt or even socks and see if it’s true?

Be true to yourself
If you’re not great at confrontation or have trouble asking for directions, don’t hide it, learn from it. Women love to see personal growth – it shows that you can be a better man.

You can’t solve her problems
It’s an age old saga: ‘woman have problem, man fix problem’. No. Just let them vent. By allowing them to let off steam you’ll reduce her stress levels and, more often than not, just talking aloud about an issue will raise a solution.

Nodding is a no-no
And while she’s talking to you, don’t just sit there and nod – actually listen. Respond when the conversation allows and show her that you’re taking in what she is saying. Remember: you don’t have to have a solution, just tell her that you think it sucks that she’s having a rough time, or agree with her about the points on which you agree. It’s also great to create a stronger connection by looking her in the eye while she’s talking to you (this also works during sex).

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery
Order a meal that pairs with hers. Choose a tie that matches her dress or shoes. Find the same television shows that you both like. If you care to notice, your partner will often mirror your moods. Evidently, it’s an unconscious way to make you feel more at ease or that she’s ‘charmed’ by you. So, why not return the favour when possible?

You can never say it enough
Tell her she looks nice, that you like her dress or shoes, that her hair looks different (and great), just tell her you think she’s ‘got it’. Tell her you love her. Be sincere. She doesn’t want to fish for compliments – you have to give them to her. Trust me, you’ll both benefit.

Talk about your relationship
Don’t run away from relationship talk. If there’s something wrong, discuss it and fix it. A problem shared is a problem halved, but sometimes a woman likes to get the bearings of a relationship, to know how it’s going, to find out where your head is at. Talking about it will bring you closer instead of driving you apart.

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Do you have any relationship insider tips you’d like to share? Hey, ladies: why not let ‘em know what you really want?

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