Top 10 European countries burning the most calories during sex

It must be a slow news month for science because researchers have just conducted a study on the European countries that burn the most calories during sex.

The research, conducted by online fitness resource Total Shape, analysed data on key calorie-burning indicators in each country, such as average weight and the duration of the activity.

Coming in at first place is Czechia, where couples burn an impressive 168.59 calories during just 10 minutes of sexual activity. The research showed that Czech men burn 11 per cent more calories than Czech women during this time period.

In second place is Croatia, with couples burning an average of 168.49 calories every 10 minutes. One interesting comparison is that it would take 37 minutes of sex to burn off the calories from the popular Croatian dish, brudet.

Montenegro, despite being one of the smallest countries in Europe, takes third spot on the list, with an average of 168.10 calories burned during 10 minutes of sexual activity.

Other countries making it into the top 10 include Estonia, Latvia, Ireland, the Netherlands, Iceland, Greece, and Norway.

It’s not just about burning calories – each country also has its own interesting cultural and societal factors that may contribute to the results.

For example, Estonia was one of the first countries in the former Soviet Union to introduce official sex education in schools. Meanwhile, the Netherlands takes a unique and progressive approach to discussing sex openly and requires all primary school students to receive sex education as part of their curriculum.

“Discussions around sex and habits during the activity vary enormously from country to country and person to person,” says a spokesperson for Total Shape.

“Having sex with a partner brings many benefits on top of burning calories, such as improving blood circulation, producing endorphins and boosting mood. It’s important to note the number of calories burned during sex varies widely from one session to another as different positions and how fast-paced the session is can burn a different number of calories.   

This research offers not only fascinating insights into calorie burning during sex but also sheds light on the diverse cultural attitudes towards sexual activity across Europe. So whether you’re looking to have some fun or boost your fitness, this study serves as a reminder of the benefits of a healthy and active sex life.

“The research may surprise some to see which countries are burning the most calories on average during sex, but it’s a great piece of information to gain more insight into sex across the world and highlights how it can bring similar mood and physical benefits to exercise,” says the spokesperson.

On the flip side, the study also revealed the countries that burn the fewest calories during sex, with Portugal, Italy, and Morocco taking the bottom three spots.

The Total Shape spokseperson also has a suggestion for those of you who want to ensure you’re burning the most calories you can during sex.

“It’s worth noting if you are looking to maximise the calorie burn during sex, then having a healthy diet and taking vitamins can be a great suggestion to help you last longer in bed. Vitamins such as vitamin D, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin B3, and vitamin B9 can all aid in boosting a healthy sex life.” 

Which of the countries on this list surprise you? Do you feel you get a good workout when you have sex? Why not share your thoughts in the comments section below?

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