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Should you spin your mattress?

Every seven to 10 years I am faced with the prospect of buying a new mattress. I hate it. Not the mattress, but the process. And they’re so expensive! It’s just a tough shopping trip to swallow.

A good mattress can cost thousands, some mattress costs are just ridiculous, and then there are the ridiculously cheap ones that are just that – cheap.

With mattresses, as with most other things in life, you get what you pay for.

Once one wise (and no doubt, wealthy) mattress salesman told me that I’ll spend around a third of my life during the lifespan of a mattress in said mattress. Admittedly, I reconsidered my investment. Especially considering I’d spend $100 on a pair of shoes to wear once a week …

So, we’ve cleared up that mattresses are a considerable but important investment. And once you’ve bought a mattress, your responsibility towards that foamy, springy friend doesn’t end there. No, once you have that ‘investment’ under your body, settling you into your (hopefully) deep sleep each night, you are evidently obliged to keep it in good order.

Most mattresses come with instructions that go beyond ‘lie down, go to sleep’.

Caring for your mattress is important for keeping it comfortable, fresh and new for as long as possible. It’s essential to perform proper mattress maintenance – and here are the basics.

1. Innerspring mattress
If you have an innerspring mattress with identical top and bottom, you should flip and rotate it four times a year.

2. Pillow-top mattress
You can’t flip these from top to bottom, but you can rotate them from end to end. Again, you should do this seasonally.

3. Hybrid mattress
A combination of innerspring and a memory foam or latex top, hybrid mattresses need to be rotated end to end quarterly. But they can be quite heavy, so it’s best to do it with assistance.

4. Memory foam mattress
Manufacturers of these mattresses claim that memory foam mattresses never need spinning, but it’s still a good idea to rotate them end to end twice a year. 

By regularly rotating your mattress, you’ll make your bed last longer and you’ll benefit from a healthy, comfortable mattress for years.

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Do you spin your mattress? What sort of mattress do you use? Can you recommend any specific mattresses for our members? Why?

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