Simple things to make you happy

Happiness doesn’t happen by chance. Happiness is a choice – and it’s your attitude in and reaction to any given situation that makes the difference. Do you know what makes you happy? It’s usually the simple things. Here are seven of life’s great gifts that envelope me in a bubble of bliss.

1. Talking to a positive friend to whom I can relate – I feel my my eyes light up when I’m in their presence. I feel energised and my whole being vibrating with life. If you don’t have someone such as this in your life, it’s worth making the effort to make a new friend (or two) who makes you feel this way.

2. Walking in nature – green! Need I say more? Perhaps gold? No, I’m not talking about the Australia’s national colours, I’m referring to the grass and sunshine. Being surrounded by nature’s splendour while you walk has the added benefits of releasing endorphins that lift your mood, especially if you’ve been stuck indoors all day.

3. Cuddling my fur babies – they’re cute, funny and snuggly. Just thinking about them makes me smile. It comes as no surprise that something such as pet therapy exists.

4. Dancing – especially to Bollywood tunes. When I dance, it makes me feel ‘present’, it puts a smile on my face and leaves me feeling happy and invigorated.

5. Listening to music – yep, you guess it, Bollywood again! Or perhaps some smooth jazz or 80s music. Believe it or not, it helps me to focus onand enjoy what I’m doing, whether it be writing, editing, cooking or doing the housework.

6. Reading a good book – preferably in a café, curled up on my couch or in a park while soaking up the sun. I usually have a book on the go, and feel lost if I don’t.

7. Relaxing bath – with some Epsom salts and a few drops of lavender oil (and perhaps a good book too). This is my idea of a heaven on earth.

Which simple things raise your happy hormones?

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