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Jason Lee is a graduate of the University of Melbourne. He enjoys treating a variety of musculoskeletal conditions and has developed an interest in spinal pain and headaches.  He is a hands-on physio who utilises manual therapy, soft tissue therapy and dry needling.  He is also a strong advocate for exercise therapy and runs strength training classes and clinical pilates. Outside work, Jason enjoys keeping active and is a keen surfer and basketballer. 

Here are Jason’s top five articles of 2019.

Why strength training is critical as we age

Regular strengthening and resistance training is beneficial at any age. However, for older Australians, strength training is critical to prevent muscle loss associated with ageing. Physiotherapist Jason Lee explains what we should be doing.

Limit your risk of DVT on that next long-haul flight
Nancy is about to fly non-stop from Perth to London and is concerned that because she is 63, she may develop deep-vein thrombosis issues. Physiotherapist Jason Lee offers advice.

How sitting can help to improve your backache
Prolonged sitting – whether in a car or not – can place increased stress and strain on the body.  This is commonly why people may injure themselves doing seemingly innocuous and simple tasks. However, you can drive or sit for long hours and avoid backache … if you follow these rules.

Flex your digits for a better grip
Finger exercises to help you handle anything. Our hands and fingers are incredibly complex. Each hand consists of 27 bones, 34 muscles and several groups of joints. To help tone your hands, try the following exercises.

Osteoarthritis exercises made easy with this video
Osteoarthritis (OA) affects about 60 per cent of Australians aged over 55 and treatment of the problem has recently undergone a radical change. Surgery is out and regular exercise and weight management are in. Physiotherapist’s video shows four easy exercises for osteoarthritis sufferers.

Jason Lee is happy to answer any questions you may have. Simply send an email to or book an appointment with Jason or call 03 9571 6888.

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