Keeping healthy is an important part of productive ageing but there’s more to life than simply worrying about your health. Emotional and physical wellbeing is just as important and eating well, exercising and taking time to keep your life balanced should all be part of your plan for a long, happy and healthy life.

Traits that lead to happiness identified

Researchers identify the character traits that lead to human happiness

Traits that lead to happiness identified

Neuroticism, extraversion and conscientiousness most closely linked to wellbeing.

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How often should you poo?

How often should you poo?

How often should you poo?

How often should you poo each day and when should you worry about it?

The toxic cost of wood-fired heaters

smoke from wood heaters fills the sky

The toxic cost of wood-fired heaters

A lesser known source of pollution costs health systems billions each year.

Financial elder abuse on the rise

Financial elder abuse on the rise

Financial elder abuse on the rise

Increased reliance on family in time of COVID putting more older people at risk.

Stop winter from weathering your skin

Stop winter from weathering your skin

Stop winter from weathering your skin

Cold weather, with its low relative humidity, can leave your skin dry and flaky.


The three pillars of longevity

“We don't need to sacrifice enjoying life today to live as long as possible.”

Lifestyle for longevity

Aerobic exercise can improve memory

New research shows the brain-boosting potential of cardio.

Get moving

Yoga keeps seniors young

Maintaining yoga exercise is an important means for seniors to maintain youthful agility.

Youthful agility


Japanese diet is one of the healthiest

What nutritionists say about the typical Japanese diet and longevity.

Staples explained

Where our food star system fails

The health star ratings of 20,000 foods have been analysed and here’s what was found.

Hiding the truth

Foods with more protein than eggs

Protein is easier to find than you may think.

Egg-free protein

Alternative Therapies

More turn to this stress relief technique

More people turn to Emotional Freedom Technique as evidence of its benefits grows.

How it works

Best antiviral herbs to grow

We take you through the best antiviral herbs, why they are used and how to grow them.

Grow on!

When you’ve got to go but can’t

Having trouble going? You’ve got a lot of friends with one in four people worldwide suffering from constipation. Here’s how you can help yourself.

The dos and don’ts


Best and worst supplements

Taking vitamins makes us think we’re doing something good for our health, but are we?

Helping and hurting

Electronic prescriptions explained

You no longer have to visit your doctor to have a prescription filled.

Easy solution

The power of gentle medicine

Has medicine been hijacked by the desire for profit? Jacob Stegenga puts his case.

Where we went wrong

Pain Management

What these headaches are telling you

From work stress to sinusitis, headaches can have many causes.

What do they mean?

Can we blame the cold for these aches?

If your joints and muscles ache more in winter, this is probably why.

Hot tips from experts

One in five mature Aussies in pain

More Australians than ever visited their GP for chronic pain in 2015-16.

Common pain

Weight Loss

Can a late dinner lead to weight gain?

Eating a late dinner may contribute to weight gain and high blood sugar.

Time to eat

Does a big brekkie burn more calories?

Research shows breakfast may play a bigger role in our health than previously thought.

Eat up!

‘Skinny gene’ offers obesity hope

There’s a reason some skinny people stay slim, no matter what they eat.

Slim pickings


Bizarre facts about man’s best friend

Do you think you know everything there is to know about canines? Maybe think again.

Positively pawesome

Make your pooch healthier

Is your dog overweight? Here’s how to take control and boost your pet’s fitness.

Obesity in pets

Why do dogs eat grass?

You may have heard all kinds of reasons as to why your dog eats grass.

Myths busted


Free seniors reading glasses

Can you still access eye glasses free through VisonCare.

Can you get free eye glasses?


Fun things with the grandkids

Easy projects that are fun for the whole family and encourage kids to be creative.

Get creative

Jean Kittson’s aged care ‘bible’

A guide that makes navigating the age care maze with elderly parents a heap easier.

The golden rules

Celebrate Mother’s Day remotely

Here’s how to show that you care – from a distance.

Send some love


Stress and finance during pandemic

Almost one in two Australians say they are more stressed because of the COVID-19 crisis.

Stress rising

Sixty and single

Are we all capable of making the sacrifices that ‘coupledom’ demands?

Looking for love

Sex-drive supplements for women

Hey girls, here are four sex-drive supplements to get your sex life back on track.

For the ladies

Product Road Tests

How to find the perfect pillow

Having trouble sleeping? Your pillow may be the problem.

Pillow problems solved

The beauty of Beetox

There's no need for Botox to banish those wrinkles. Try the more natural Beetox for firmer skin.

Banish those wrinkles

Product Road Test – Uniback

YOURLifeChoices subscriber Jeff agreed to review the Uniback Back Scrubber for us. He found it easy to install and very useful.

See Jeff's review


Celebrate Mother’s Day remotely

Here’s how to show that you care – from a distance.

Send some love

Caring for Mum when the tables turn

Annabelle Carter Short shares lessons learnt while caring for her mother, who has dementia.

Caring for Mum

Five best family websites

Family is an important part of most people’s lives.

Families come in all shapes and sizes

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