Keeping healthy is an important part of productive ageing but there’s more to life than simply worrying about your health. Emotional and physical wellbeing is just as important and eating well, exercising and taking time to keep your life balanced should all be part of your plan for a long, happy and healthy life.

Grandparent benefits

In today's society grandparents may find themselves being the primary care-giver for their grandchildren.

What happened to RSI

'RSI' was the acronym on everyone's lips in the 1980s. So why do we hear it so rarely these days?

A pain in the heel

Pain in the heel can be debilitating and hard to get rid of, so seek treatment early, advises Jane

A pain in the golf

Wrist injuries are common amongst both amateur and professional golfers, reveals Jane Banting. So

Get with the strength

Increasingly, Australians of all are converting to strength training. The science comprehensive –

Food for thought

Remember your 20s and 30s, when your body could bounce back from erratic eating and overindulgence? Those

Battle of the bulge

In early 2008 Australia gained the title of ‘fattest country in the world'… not the land…

Brain fitness

Brain fitness

November sees the beginning of the seven-day online Brain Fitness Challenge, a competition devised

How to change your laugh

Have you ever been told that your laugh is annoying? Perhaps you just like the sound of someone

Aerobic Exercise

This Mayo Clinic Health Oasis site covers the benefits of aerobic exercise (walking, running, swimming,

Guide From the National Institute on Ageing

This is a comprehensive guide from the US Institute aimed at older people. It covers motivation, what

Be Active Every Day

From the Australian Heart Foundation, here's guidance to physical activity for a healthy heart.



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