Defy the effects of menopause with these skincare tips

It seems a woman’s body is always subject to change.

Puberty, childbirth, breastfeeding, menopause – there’s always something going on.

Menopause can be hard on the body, especially the skin, as oestrogen and collagen levels drop significantly. How do we take good care of our skin and put our best face forward for the rest of our lives?

And what is actually happening to our skin as we age?

Well, as well as falling oestrogen and collagen levels – which provide our skin with its ‘plump’ look, women lose fat under their skin and the skin elasticity also falls. This combined with dryness can cause wrinkles, sagging and fine lines.

Short of a full face lift, what can we do to slow the inevitable decline?

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Well, first up, rethink your cleanser. As you age and your skin gets drier, it is important to switch to a cleanser with a creamy formula.

Cleansers are designed to strip away dirt and grime, but too much active agent without moisturiser can unnecessarily dry skin out.

Next is moisturiser. It’s vital to get the right level of hydration. Try to find a more intensive formula and slather it on fresh out of the shower for best absorption.

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Look for products designed to help fine lines – anything with retinol is a good start – and experiment with what works for you. Online product reviews may help to refine your search.

You’re still going to need sun protection. Thinner skin needs more protection, so keep slapping on the 30+.

Sunscreen is also handy in the fight against age spots. My hands are beginning to look like my mother’s, which on some level I find comforting but I also know it’s because I am getting age spots. Liberally cover these with sunscreen to keep them in check.

So now we have bought up hands, let’s keep going. Apart from the face, hands are usually the most exposed part of your body. To keep them looking good, go for an intensive body moisturiser, always use sunscreen and remember gloves when doing housework or gardening.

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Gloves are especially important because thin, ageing skin is more prone to cuts and scratches, and healing takes longer.

Reconsider soy. It cops a bad rap for tastelessness, but soy products seem to act like oestrogen in the body. So, as well as fewer hot flushes and lowering the risk of osteoporosis, it may also help to plump the skin.

Quit smoking. It ages the skin, and if you don’t want to take our word for it look at this slideshow of identical twins, one smokes and the other doesn’t. That’s all the evidence you need, right there.

Get plenty of exercise and sleep. Both will relieve stress, which can show up on our face. And exercise also boosts circulation, helping your skin look brighter and healthier.

Drink plenty of water to plump the skin. A tip good for all ages.

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Jan Fisher
Jan Fisher
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