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Five ways to improve your day

Most of your reality is shaped by your expectations, beliefs and thoughts. The good news is this means it can be changed. Why not try these simple ideas? They only take a few minutes, but can positively change your day and, ultimately, your life.

1. Listen to uplifting music

Uplifting music can directly improve your mood.

Waking up to music or listening to music as you commute are effective ways to fit music into your life. But try to be more selective and conscious of the music to which you choose to listen each day. Aim for more uplifting music, especially in the morning, even if your mood would prefer something else. It can help to get your day started on a much more positive note.

2. Make a list of important tasks

In the morning, make a list of a few things, only two or three, that are the most important for you to do during the day. Answering these two questions may help: What’s important now? and What’s next? This sets your focus for the day, and helps you to do what’s essential to you – rather than getting distracted by trivial things.

However, it’s important that you align tasks to your purpose, values, passion and/or general direction in life. By doing so, you are more likely to feel more productive and satisfied with your day, and yourself.

3. Take short breaks

Taking a short break for 10–15 minutes between tasks to do nothing can actually help you get more done. How? you may ask.

Consider it time to recharge your battery. Importantly, it helps your brain to process and synthesise your actions, giving you clarity and insight on how to do or decide on something. This is prized awareness you are less likely to have had, had you been running from task to task or multi-tasking.

4. Gratitude

On a daily basis, we often just think about the problems in our life. This, however, gives a constant negative overtone to our thoughts and, therefore, our lives.

One way to shape your life positively is to review and appreciate your day– that is, to be grateful. It’s an easy an immensely powerful ritual for improving one’s self-esteem.

So consider taking two minutes at the end of your day to appreciate the things you did and reflect upon the best thing that happened for you that day.

5. Give a hug

In the age of social media, virtual hugs don’t count for improving one’s day. Nor does signing off your email with “Hugs, me”.

According to Gretchen Rubin, author of the book The Happiness Project and blog of the same name, “Research shows that if we hold a hug for at least six seconds, we optimise the flow of mood-boosting chemicals.”

Also, those who hug frequently, have lower blood pressure and higher levels of oxytocin (a chemical that promotes bonding).

Put simply, hugging (in real life) is a mood booster. Why not give one, or a few, each day? This video may inspire you to do so. 

What little things improve your day in a big way? We would love to know. 

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