Improve your appearance with face yoga

Face yoga seems like a faddy trend, and it probably is, but is there some method behind the madness?

Just as you would imagine, face yoga involves using your fingers to stretch and massage your face to a certain set of ‘poses’ to alleviate tension and stress, and lift and firm the muscles under the skin and it’s this last one that has our attention.

Apparently, there is some evidence it may improve the appearance of your face. It’s worth exploring at least for that alone and maybe you’ll get some inner peace along the way.

However, don’t expect supermodel results. A study by dermatologists at Northwestern University in the US found that women given 32 facial exercises to conduct for 30 minutes over 20 weeks “may modestly” improve their appearance, especially in the cheek area.

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That 20-week time period recommendation is the key. These exercises require consistency, time and motivation to see any results. 

The good part is you don’t have to invest a lot in paying for classes, equipment or even leave your home.

There are plenty of books available, online guides and YouTube videos that can get you started with minimal or no cost.

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As a general guide to getting started, clean your hands, use a serum, facial oil, massage oil or cleansing balm so your fingers glide easily without being too slippery.

You can also include the neck and shoulders into your routine.

Anecdotally, practitioners of face yoga have reported improved posture, improvement on dark, under-eye circles, fewer headaches and reduced teeth grinding. Others have claimed it improves their sleep patterns.

The success rate will probably be improved by going to a professional instructor first to get the most suitable advice on techniques and what serums or oils are best for your skin, but then the rest is up to your personal motivation.

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The study found the best results were in the cheekbone area, but it is possible to concentrate on a preferred area such as frown lines, the forehead or crow’s feet or any part of your face that manifests stress such as the jawline.

Like any massage, face yoga should also improve blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, which will also reduce puffiness and can provide relief from sinus issues.

As the pandemic has shown, sometimes we just need to slow down and take a moment. Face yoga may be an opportunity to provide yourself with some mindfulness with the added extra of improving your appearance.

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Jan Fisher
Jan Fisher
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