Most Australian’s diets worse than previously thought

Diet survey shows most Australian’s diets are even worse than expected.

Most Australian’s diets worse than previously thought

How does your diet compare to the rest of Australia? The findings of the nation’s largest-ever diet survey, released last Monday, reveal that most Australian’s diets are even worse than expected.

The 2016 Healthy Diet Score (the biggest diet survey in Australia’s history)  by Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) surveyed 86,500 adults and found that one-third eats or drinks above the recommended amount of alcohol, cake, biscuits, sugary drinks and other confectionaries.

And the worst offenders? Tradies and construction workers were found to have the worst diets among all occupations. In comparison, health industry workers, real estate agents and public servants have the healthiest diets overall.

In August 2015, the nation’s diet ranked 61 out of 100 around the world. This year, that rank fell to 59, leading CSIRO health scientists to suggest that the country’s diet is getting worse than expected.

However, Manny Noakes, CSIRO Research Director and co-author of the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet, says our disastrous diets can be corrected.

“If we can raise our collective score by just over 10 points, we help Australia mitigate the growing rates of obesity and lifestyle diseases such as heart disease, Type 2 diabetes and a third of all cancers,” he says.

Mr Noakes’ suggests, “All people need to do is halve the bad and double the good.”

Easy as that.

It was recently suggested that the Mediterranean diet is the healthiest in the world, with some researching showing it can actually help improve memory and slow down cognitive decline.

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    Ted Wards
    6th Oct 2016
    You dont have to be a rocket scientist to work out when you can go grab a burger and chips for less than $10 and 6 organic banana's from coles are $1.00 each or more then the fast food is going to win out. Here's a thought drop the price of fresh food and make take away ridiculously expensive. How hard do we have to make it?
    6th Oct 2016
    Cost of fast food is a real problem as healthy food is often a bit more expensive and then requires time and effort to prepare.
    Can't beat fresh fruit and veges along with exercise. A tough ask in contemporary Australia where we are all time poor and often needing instant food so that the day is not lost.
    7th Oct 2016
    I am going to be really cynical here. Its actually not "our" fault. There are too many people on this planet to feed so the very people who are telling us we are unhealthy are the ones who created the monster. Transfats, margarines, soy additives, salt, preservative,corn products, rice fillings, diet anythings - they all "fill" our tummies cheaply and have enabled everyone in the developed world to be able to afford food.
    Even pet food is missing the main ingredient - meat!
    So for as long as you can cook your own food and buy real fresh food then do so because the clock is ticking and I feel very sorry for the younger generation who know no better.
    6th Oct 2016
    Love the Mediterranean diet!
    Asian foods are also very healthy but Indian food can be very high in fats.
    However, it is the tomatoes and olives that has much of the beneficial nutrients that are devoid in Asian diets.
    6th Oct 2016
    Agreed Mez - and they taste soo yummy
    Olive oil is good for your too

    And the cheeses - bufallo moxarella, goats cheese, parmesan ....

    Youre making me hungry now
    7th Oct 2016
    Chinese food from the takeaway shop is bad for you. You have to find one that is cooking for Chinese people. Also Carlos, olive oil is good for you but not cooked - then it turns into a carcinogen.
    It is almost impossible to dine out anywhere and have a meal that is not full of transfats, salt or high carbs.
    I came back after my holidays feeling like a marshmallow ball. All round and squishy!
    8th Oct 2016
    8th Oct 2016
    Yep, Mez - sugar too.
    As a child milk wasn't sold to children flavoured, coke a cola was a very rare special. Cakes were made for fetes and not the children. The only time we got pancakes was when we went to visit Grandma. Chocolate was fed to us one tiny Dairy milk segment at a time and Mum and Dad had the will power to leave the rest of it on the top pantry self. Fish and chips were reserved for a day at the beach and the rest of the time it was fresh fruit, meat and veggies - as if there was no other choice. ....and casserole and sauced food was a rarity.
    - Yet the life span was 60-70 and now its 80-90 so its not all bad.
    6th Oct 2016
    I scored 75 on this mainly because I don't eat dairy products. There are other sources of calcium, but they don't recognise that.
    8th Oct 2016
    Has anyone heard of the ASTONISHING...stop eating and drinking rubbish, get off your lazy fat backside and do some exercise diet? it's a real miracle worker and inexpensive too.

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