Low fat or full cream milk?

There’s a debate going on as to whether low fat milk is as healthy as major health organisations claim it to be.

Actually – and surprisingly – there is little evidence to prove that low fat milk is healthier than its full-cream counterpart. It most likely came about not because of scientific back up, but because of the move against saturated fats in the 1960s, with the belief that saturated fats lead to weight gain and heart disease.

Now, recent research is challenging this age-old, healthy-eating belief. According to The Guardian, “several recent studies in the European Journal of Nutrition and Scandinavian Journal of Primary Health Care have shown that consumption of high-fat dairy foods are inversely associated with obesity.”

Also, other research has found that because fat is more satisfying (filling), eating foods with a high fat content may lead to a lower overall calorie intake, and that the saturated fat in dairy can protect against certain diseases and is not linked to heart disease.

In the end, the choice of milk depends on what are each individual person’s health needs and taste. Nevertheless, Marion Nestle, a leading US professor of nutrition says, “I don’t think the kind of milk or milk at all matters if the overall diet is reasonable. Everything in moderation.” Now, that’s some sage advice.

Do you drink low fat or full cream milk? Why?

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