Five tips for better digestion

To maintain a healthy digestive system and prevent constipation, try these tips.

1. Eat a balanced diet
Foods high in fibre, including fruits, vegetables, legumes and whole grains, help move food through the digestive system more rapidly. They also help prevent constipation, feed gut bacteria, and help with weight loss. Red meat, on the other hand, is hard to digest, so should be eaten sparingly. Processed and fast foods are often high in fat, making them difficult to digest. They are also rich in sugar, which may upset the balance of bacteria in the gut.

2. Stay hydrated
Drinking enough water and other liquids, such as teas and juices, can prevent constipation and keep food moving through the digestive system.

3. Take probiotics
Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that help restore the balance of bacteria in the body by reducing the growth of harmful bacteria in the gut. As well as taking probiotic supplements, you can also increase the levels of beneficial bacteria in your body by eating natural yoghurt or fermented vegetables.

4. Stay on top of your dental hygiene
Problems with the teeth can interfere with digestion. Older adults, in particular, can be affected by improper chewing techniques due to dental issues. Brush and floss the teeth daily, and visit a dentist regularly.

5. Stay active
Engaging in daily exercise benefits the digestive tract, as well as the rest of the body. Some people find that a gentle walk after meals reduces bloating, gas and constipation.

Do you have any other advice on how to deal with digestion issues?

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