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Is Fido just not fun anymore? Tired of Kitty coughing up fur balls? Maybe it’s time to break out with a more exotic pet?

4. African Grey Parrots

There is a reason that the parrot is an increasingly popular choice for a pet, as evidenced by the African Grey – a sociable, fun-loving species of parrot which is also incredibly talkative. The African Grey can be a great companion for people who live alone.

3. Alpaca

Not one for city dwellers, but some farmers consider breeding and keeping alpacas as a rewarding challenge. Loyal, docile and clean, alpacas are worth considering if you’re thinking of trying something new – and have the land.

2. Rabbits

With many Australians downsizing to smaller living spaces which often have restrictions on pets (i.e. no cats or dogs) it’s a struggle to find animal companionship. But taking up only the space allotted to it, rabbits make a perfect pet for someone with accommodation restrictions.

1. Exotic Fish

It may be standard practice to buy an aquarium and limit yourself to a goldfish but this is a mistake. So many fish which can be kept in an aquarium are breathtakingly beautiful and can provide you with endless hours of entertainment just by watching them swim around. Consider a couple of Neon and Turquoise Rainbowfish, some Blue and Gold Gouramis or a few Pink Veil Tail Oscars in your aquarium and be mesmerised by the carousel of colour every time you walk past.

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