Age does not weary them – sexiest screen stars over 60

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One of the biggest misconceptions about ageing is that we no longer care about beauty, sex or romantic companionship. However, I feel that the older people get, the more they are living life with added passion and fewer cares.

We can still appreciate beauty in multiple forms, even if some of the fantasies of our younger years have transformed into something new. We are still capable of having fun and sharing our opinions on what we find attractive.

So, the experts at OnBuy decided to investigate to see which over 60 actors we find the most attractive. Which on-screen stars titillate our senses the most.

Their new survey identified the top 10 screen actors we can’t get enough of.

Revealed: the sexiest female actors over 60
Ex-Bond girl Jane Seymour takes the number one spot for sexiest female screen actor over 60. The starlet received just over a quarter of all votes (26 per cent) and looks as radiant now as she did when she starred in the James Bond film Live and Let Die (1973).

On average, 4840 people per month Google suggestive searches involving Ms Seymour – more than 2000 of which include the keyword ‘nude’.

Oscar winners Susan Sarandon (20 per cent) and Jane Fonda (13 per cent) rank in the top 3.

After Helen Mirren told Vanity Fair “it’s time to redefine sexy”, it’s only fair we salute this actor who lands in fourth place. In fact, of all the actors analysed, Helen Mirren holds the highest search rate with more than 15,000 people per month googling the sex symbol to find out (and see) more.

Revealed: the sexiest male screen actors over 60
Do men age like a fine wine — the older they get, the better? We can’t be sure that’s true for all of them, but we do know there are a lot of attractive male actors over 60.

American actor and reformed style icon Jeff Goldblum leads the male list and lands in number one spot, with a quarter of the vote (25 per cent). Indeed, it looks like many of us would be happy if Mr Goldblum took his Jurassic Park character Ian Malcolm’s classic quote “I’m always on the lookout for a future ex-Mrs Malcolm” literally.

However, on average, just 390 people Google sexy searches involving Jeff Goldblum per month. This is 12 times fewer than the number of searches for the female number one, Jane Seymour!

While Lord of the Rings veteran Viggo Mortenson (18 per cent) ranks in second place, Harrison Ford and Liam Neeson tie in third place. The stars each hold 12 per cent of the vote and there are 290 and 530 searches per month centred around these actors, respectively.

Interestingly though, the most searched actor according to OnBuy’s Google search analysis is Arnold Schwarzenegger. The cinematic legend sits at a respectable 10th place on the table but is the most searched for with more than 1000 people Googling Schwarzenegger each month to find out more.


Does it still seem fair that these over 60s get to take advantage of senior discounts?

Who do you think are the sexiest male and female celebrities over 60? Were you surprised by the answers to the survey?

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Written by Ellie Baxter


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    Ageing is cloself related to the size of your bank account and the expertise of your plastic surgeon.

  2. 0

    We could all look like that if we had the money and the great plastic surgeons they have access to, why don’t you show people who have actually aged naturally instead of these people (nipped and tucked)

    • 0

      Oh definitely, but I find we can all enjoy the everyday attractive people well… everyday! Sometime’s it’s nice to just have some fun and think about the people we get to see on the big screen.

  3. 0

    exactly what Mogo51 says

  4. 0

    Iam……at 71 …male ha ha,everyday NIVEA

  5. 0

    I think sexy is ageing gracefully and naturally. I don’t find any botoxed, face-lifted, boob-enhanced, faked tanned Americans to be sexy, no matter what their age.

  6. 0

    You didn’t even mention Sophia Loren who is in her 80s. When she was 75 she’d leave all those you mentioned for dead as far as looks are concerned.

  7. 0

    Wot about me?
    Oh, thant’s right. I aint no actor!



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