When online dating goes wrong

The online dating app Tinder has changed the face of courting. No longer do you need to woo a potential mate; now you just swipe right – and bam – you have a date.

Say what you will about this type of ‘arrangement’ – some say it’s impersonal, kind of lazy, and a little bit creepy. For many, it’s a convenient way to meet people in a timely, efficient manner. This is no longer the future of dating, it is the now.

And there may be a lot of success stories, but there are almost certainly as many misses as there are hits. Here are just a few tales of what happens when Tinder goes horribly wrong.

Tinder surprise

One sneaky fellow decided he’d try his luck on Tinder, even though he already had a girlfriend. One of his friends recognised his face on his Tinder profile and promptly informed the girlfriend. Angry at her boyfriend’s gumption, she created her own fake profile and set up a time to meet him. Imagine his surprise when he ran into her on his rendezvous?

Indian love giver

When one man met with a young Indian girl, they both seemed pretty happy with each other, so they spent the night together. The next morning, he awoke to find his ankles bound by elastic bands, and her insisting that they spend the day together. His ‘compliance’ was all but guaranteed too, as she had hidden his clothes so he didn’t run away.

The stalker type

If you’ve ever played the dating game, you’ll probably know that being persistent can often win you the prize. But persistence can quickly progress to stalking, as it happened with one woman who, after being matched with a man named Carl, was inundated with messages requesting dates. When she didn’t answer, Carl proceeded to get a bit desperate and, finally, quite nasty.

Then there’s the tale of a young man who was matched with a girl who didn’t feel the need to inform him of her breast size. Once again, the lad became agitated and aggressive so he sent her crass and violent messages. Disturbed, the girl decided to contact the young man’s mother, informing her of her son’s disgusting behaviour. She is yet to receive a response, but she’s also not heard from that beastly boy again.

Or how about the girl who, after exchanging numbers with a Tinder prospect, constantly called him (20 times on the first night!) pledging eternal love, begging him to move in with her and that if he didn’t, she would kill herself. A tip: be careful of those who pledge commitment forever, they may just be better off being ‘committed’ instead.

University ‘set up’ study

Three students from Brigham Young University thought it would be educational to conduct a Tinder experiment to see how many men would be willing to meet with a Tinder match who they knew nothing about besides her being attractive.

Around 250 matches were made, and of them, 70 males between the ages of 19 and 30 were directed to a yoghurt shop to meet their prospective date. Of course, she didn’t show, but at least the yoghurt shop traded well that day.

The awkward family get-together

When one young punter was visiting family for the weekend, his cousin’s face appeared on his Tinder screen. As a joke, he swiped yes. It turned out they were a perfect match, which made them feel more than slightly awkward for the rest of the weekend.

Meeting online, parting the same

According to one US bartender, a man and his Tinder date were at bar sipping top-shelf cocktails. After three rounds he disappeared to use the restroom. The bartender realised that the man had been away for quite a while. He looked over at his date, who had her head in her hands, so he approached her and asked if she was okay. In tears she replied that he had texted her to say he wasn’t interested, and left her with the entire bill. Now that’s just nasty.

When more than your heart is stolen

One man’s friend picked up a Tinder date and drove her to a cheap motel for, um, need I say more? When they walked into the room, she asked him for the car keys because she’d left her purse in the car. Five minutes later, he walked out to check on her and his car was gone.

And this one takes the cake

A young man received a Tinder notification, which was strange because he didn’t actually have Tinder installed on his phone. He then realised he was holding his girlfriend’s phone …

Have you had any experience on Tinder? Do you know of any other terrible Tinder tales? Or do you have any dating horror stories that you’d like to share with our members?

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