What’s a vampire breast lift?

A startling new procedure developed by American cosmetic surgeons has an even scarier name – a vampire breast lift. So, how has a blood-sucking fictional character inspired a breast lift procedure?

The vampire breast lift was inspired by something called a vampire facelift, which is when a small amount of blood (60ml) is drawn from the patient’s arm then spun in a centrifuge to separate out the platelets. These platelets are then injected back under the patient’s facial skin.

Vampire breast lifts work in a similar way, with the platelets stimulated to produce growth factors such as new collagen and increased blood flow normally used by the body to heal wounds. These platelets are then re-injected into the breasts and within three weeks, treated breasts are reported to be firmer and fuller.

So, who goes for vampire breast lifts?

It’s recommended for women who have collapsed and droopy breasts, those who suffer from wrinkly cleavage or inverted nipples. It can also erase stretch marks, and increase breast and nipple sensitivity. Basically, for women of any age who want fuller, perkier breasts.

The procedure lasts for about 15 minutes, supposedly hurts about as much as a blood test or other injection, and will set you back around A$2400. You can walk in and walk out, and results kick in between three weeks and two months, lasting a year or longer – sometimes permanently.

Vampire breast lifts may sound simple, but Miles Berry, author of The Good Boob Bible, has doubts about the procedure.

“I have my reservations about injecting growth factors into a cancer-prone organ,” he said.

“The jury is still out as to its long-term safety. Patients must have a mammogram beforehand and be followed up carefully.”

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Would you have a vampire breast lift? Does it sound safe to you?

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