Wonder balm relieves arthritis pain

Did you know that, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, at least 31 per cent of Australians suffer from arthritis or muscular pain?

Do you remember those times when doing the things you love (and everyday tasks) was easy and pain free? Now, imagine if those days could be enjoyed pain-free once again?

The great news is, there is a product guaranteed to provide temporary relief from arthritis.

Kingston’s Arthritis & Pain Relief Balm has been used by many arthritis sufferers and the results have been amazing.

YourLifeChoices’ own investigative journalist, Olga Galacho, tried it just this week and swears by the results.

“I put the balm to the test and I am impressed,” said Olga.

“Yesterday evening I did a fair bit of weeding and sweeping up of leaves for the fortnightly collection of the green waste bin. The bin had collected a fair bit of water, so it was very heavy for me to haul around. Normally, this would mean my mobility would be hampered the next day. But that wasn’t the case. I reckon using the balm overnight helped to quell the inflammation and heal the tendons around the joints quicker than with no balm.”

People who’ve used the balm have experienced increased mobility, enabling them to play golf and bowls, enjoy gardening, crafts, and spending more time with friends, family and the grandkids, plus more.

Satisfied Kingston’s Arthritis & Pain Relief Balm customers experience more restful sleep, and find they have an overall improvement in their wellbeing.

And this is all because, as with Olga, they are getting that much-needed pain relief.

Kingston’s Arthritis & Pain Relief Balm is a pleasant smelling, all natural, 100 per cent Australian-made product that has been quietly helping thousands of arthritis sufferers with soothing, temporary pain relief for over 25 years.

Kingston’s Arthritis & Pain Relief Balm is a balm, not a cream, gel or spray. This means less is needed to obtain relief, effectively reducing the cost per application. In fact, some customers get up to six months of relief from just one tub.

If you’ve been having a difficult time with gardening, craft activities, bowling, writing, sports activities, playing with the grandchildren or having a full night’s sleep, then this natural, soothing balm is exactly what you’re looking for!

Also, the tub has been designed for easy opening for those with hand pain.

The makers of Kingston’s Arthritis & Pain Relief Balm have a special offer for you. While the large 250g tub will last quite a long time, they’ll also supply a number of handy single-use sachets ideal for your purse, wallet, glove box or bag.

And, when you purchase a tub of Kingston’s Arthritis & Pain Relief Balm, you’ll also receive a free jazz and blues CD courtesy of a happy piano-playing customer whose hand pain has been miraculously relieved by this wonder balm.

Here is what people have been saying about Kingston’s Arthritis & Pain Relief Balm …

My mother was unable to crochet because of the pain in her hands. After using your cream for 4 weeks she can now crochet without pain. My own knees often reduce me to tears. Since using your product my knees have been wonderful.

~ Mrs J S, Springwood, NSW

The balm is helping to ease the pain in my knees and hands considerably.

~ Mrs E R S, Marsfield, NSW

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