Arborvitae Joint Health has helped Gary and may help you!

Arborvitae Joint Health is a potent, natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant supplement that may assist with pain relief, inflammation and joint mobility associated with mild arthritis/osteoarthritis.

We received the following testimonial from proud Gary pictured with his grandson Max, from Kenthurst.

“To be told at 50 I require a knee reconstruction or worst case a knee replacement was an obvious shock. I run a small Forklift Business and 19 months ago became a grandfather, so I need to be mobile.

Not wanting an operation at this point I needed an alternative, and what an alternative I found. Many thanks to Graeme Hughes (2SM) who I had heard has a similar problem. In obvious pain I started my Arborvitae treatment and after 2 weeks all my pain and swelling had gone. If I am going to have a big day in the yard or in the bobcat I simply “Double Dose” myself. What a fabulous product this is.

No one should go through life in pain and I will tell anyone that will listen – if you have early onset Osteo Arthritis start taking Arborvitae it has certainly helped me, and I can keep up with my grandson Max.”

Arborvitae’s main ingredients comprise of Pycnogenol (French Maritime Pine Bark extract), Aloe Vera, Papain enzyme and honey. Pycnogenol is supported by over 40 years of research and scientific evidence.

Arborvitae comes in a liquid form one litre bottle and is easy to take daily.

Arborvitae is now stocked in well over 500 Chemists and Health Food Stores Australia wide, including all Blooms The Chemist stores. For further information and stockists details please see or call Arborvitae on 1300 879 863.

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