Diet soft drinks may increase risk of stroke and dementia

Drinking at least one diet soft drink per day may increase your risk of stroke or dementia.

Diet drinks may increase stroke risk

According to a study published by researchers at Boston University, drinking at least one diet soft drink per day has been associated with a three times greater risk of having a stroke or developing dementia.

The study saw researchers analyse the data of 2900 people over the age of 45 for the stroke study and 1500 people over the age of 60 for the dementia study. Each participant in the study had their drinking and eating habits recorded at the start of the study and the results were followed up after 10 years.

At the end of the follow-up period, the researchers found 81 cases of dementia and 97 cases of stroke amongst the analysed groups. The people who drank at least one artificially sweetened beverage (diet soft drink) per day were three times as likely to develop an ischemic stroke and 2.9 times as likely to develop dementia.

The study did not find any link between sugary drinks and stroke or dementia.

'Although we did not find an association between stroke or dementia and the consumption of sugary drinks, this certainly does not mean they are a healthy option. We recommend that people drink water on a regular basis instead of sugary or artificially sweetened beverages,' said lead author Matthew Pase.

Will you reconsider drinking diet soft drinks after reading the information from this study?




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    26th Apr 2017
    Always had a healthy suspicion of diet drinks etc - never touch 'em myself for reasons of suspicion, apart from the false taste. Chemicals.... yuk.

    Now - what were we talking about?
    26th Apr 2017
    So easy to get hooked on the stuff and it does so much damage. - and it doesn't help with weight control so why bother.

    - spoken by the converted!
    26th Apr 2017
    Standard clickbait. Nothing to see here...

    Someone does a poorly controlled preliminary study, journo trawls the publications for scary sounding conclusions, writes an article and moves on.

    In the meantime follow up studies don't support the conclusion but it's not interesting to publish that, so a new health scare is born and never dies.

    Apparently they didn't even control for Body Mass Index so this seems to be yet another victim of the 24 hour news cycle.
    Dave V
    26th Apr 2017
    Exactly - well said.
    26th Apr 2017
    Diet drinks interfere with the parathyroid, deplete the bones of calcium and dehydrate the body. Then caffeine disturbs the sleep patterns.
    There is absolutely no benefit in drinking diet drinks and yet they are so totally addictive.
    Dave V
    26th Apr 2017
    I have read elsewhere that this study is a little dodgy - without proper controls. People who drank artificially sweetened drinks were more likely to develop a stroke. Why were they using artificially sweetened drinks? Because they're overweight? Is there a relationship between being overweight and stroke? It may not have been the artificial sweetener at all that caused the problem. There is a huge difference between association and causality.

    Which is not to suggest that artificial sweeteners are good for you. It's just that this may not be a good study. Oh, and beware of news reports that say things like, "may increase risk".
    26th Apr 2017
    The target advertising is that people drink diet drink to avoid sugar diabetes and to avoid gaining weight. Therefore you cannot argue that overweight people are the people drinking diet soda.
    I would imagine that its the poor mice that they do tests on.

    26th Apr 2017
    Never touched diet sweeteners and have cut sugar out of my diet. If I have a sugar craving, there is good old honey and fruit to fix that up. Soft drinks should only be used on special occasions not daily. Put a tax on sugar it is worse than illegal drugs.
    26th Apr 2017
    Probably good to cut back on refined sugar, but honey is almost all sugar so if you replaced it gram for gram you wouldn't be changing much.

    Being refined by bees doesn't change its chemistry.
    Old Geezer
    26th Apr 2017
    A teaspoon of cider vinegar in glass of water will kill the excessive yeast in your gut and stop sugar cravings.
    26th Apr 2017
    Yes its true you can drive a double decker bus through the research and the researchers have openly acknowledged its shortfalls. The real issue here is the poor reporting - as usual!

    But don't we already know that sugary drinks are not the best thirst quencher for anyone and that artificial sweeteners have been called into question for years? Nothing new to see here!
    26th Apr 2017
    having had a stroke I asked my Neurologist. she declined to answer then smirked and commented that there is evidence they cause carbohydrate craving that could explain the amount of people who order coffee with diet sugar to have with their chocky mud cake.
    26th Apr 2017
    You need the diet coke to wash down the heavy chocolate mud cake. She obviously is a healthy eater and just doesn't understand the sins of the chocoholic. :)
    Old Geezer
    26th Apr 2017
    Just try to drink soft drink flat and it is so sweet and awful. Mix your own with soda water and cordial if you need to drink soft drink at all as you can control the sugar and sweetness.
    26th Apr 2017
    So now drinking diet soft drinks is as bad as smoking since the result is the same
    26th Apr 2017
    Not quite, Rocky. Smoking causes cancer and affects everybody around the smoker.
    However drinking a bunch of chemicals can't be doing us much good.
    26th Apr 2017
    This week's scare - will be different one next week
    26th Apr 2017
    Yee Haa Now all I can drink is water. Its party time at my place. I'll probably end up celebrating my 100th birthday. How ? By drinking more water of course.
    almost midnight
    27th Apr 2017
    yes ianjs - a further study concluded that once other factors such as obesity, family history, predisposition etc were taken into consideration, - there was no difference at all -
    30th Apr 2017
    I gave up the lolly water years ago. Why keep helping the manufacturers get richer when all they do is mix water with flavouring and put a few bubbles in it. Save money and your health by making it yourself, bubbles only make you burp.

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