Breakthrough will help predict who could develop dementia

Scientists discover the gene that contributes to Alzheimer’s disease.

Scientists identify dementia gene

Australian scientists at the Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health in Melbourne and researchers at Stanford University in California have identified a link between Alzheimer's disease and a gene (ApoE4) that is carried by one in five people.

This gene is believed to increase the rate of amyloid in the human body, the toxic protein thought to be responsible for Alzheimer’s.

"Those with the gene are more likely to start declining mentally up to 13 years before those who don't carry the variation," said Dr Yen Ying Lim from Florey Institute.

To further understand the gene and the role it plays in dementia, researchers will go beyond the American study and recruit 5000 Australians aged 40 to 65 to track the changes in memory and thinking function over five years.

Meanwhile, a Danish study released yesterday has found that higher levels of lithium in drinking water may lower the risk of developing dementia.

If available, would you get tested for this gene to understand your dementia risks? Should more government resources be put into understanding and fighting this disease?

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    ray @ Bondi
    29th Aug 2017
    yes to all I would want to know and the government MUST put more money into the problem, it is an investment, they seem to be able to find billions for whatever their pet project is but things with long term implications are ignored.
    29th Aug 2017
    They don't tell you the test for this gene costs $1,300!
    29th Aug 2017
    Yes I would, let's hope the govt will fund this
    29th Aug 2017
    I am a bit over "breakthroughs" which tell us that we will get Alzheimers. These stories have been coming for years. What is needed is effective preventative treatment!
    7th Sep 2017
    Perhaps there is something in the water we drink, and eventually breaks down our body and we end up with Alzheimers?>
    29th Aug 2017
    Just because someone may test positive for the gene does NOT mean they are destined to develop dementia (or anything else for that matter). But testing positive would mean you have to declare it to insurance companies and that can mean you will be adversely affected even if you never develop the disease. And a 'link' does not indicate causation.

    We need a lot more research into causation which may or may not be linked to genetics. Not much point in trying to run before we can walk. Prevention is way better for everyone.

    29th Aug 2017
    Dementia and Alzheimers are not the same. There are some similarities as there are also many differences.
    29th Aug 2017
    try this a couple of drops of organic virgin coconut oil in your morning coffee for 1 month you will a change at that time cost bugger all nothing lost
    7th Sep 2017
    it might be helping you Andy but it may not help us?
    As we all so individually different!

    29th Aug 2017
    Damn - they've tracked us all down!! Sadly got a friend in his mid-60's who is declining rapidly with Alzheimer's - very rapidly....
    29th Aug 2017
    Sorry to hear that TREBOR, had a close relative who died from Alzheimers, it's a bastard of a thing.
    29th Aug 2017
    He was running along just fine and suddenly it all started to come unraveled.. his downward slide is truly fast... he's in permanent care now and his wife is utterly distraught... not sure what she's going to do. We'll catch up soon - soon as the ex is well enough to make a trip... she's down after yet another op.. still hobbling around and now in pain from chest surgery... might have to put her in drug rehab if it keeps up with the pain killers...

    Can't even make plans to see the grand-kids... buggar...
    30th Aug 2017
    Trebor I have a friend in this category and I don't know what to do.
    You can't tell them directly that they are pre-dementia because this person would take offense.
    The family are distancing themselves from the difficult behaviour and the stubbornness and the spending of what little money the pension provides on luxury items.
    The person is really leaning on others and using their benevolence.
    I want to seek help but I don't know how.

    31st Aug 2017
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    2nd Sep 2017
    Not much point having the test if there is little that can be done to cure or vastly improve things with the patient.
    11th Sep 2017
    Its my understanding that the word Dementia is a bit like the word vegetables ie under that umbrella there is Alzheimers, parkinsons, lewi bodies, frontal lobe dementia etc. As with vegetables potatoes, peas, carrots etc.

    I formed this impression due to the many educational lectures I went to due to mums dementia.

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