Your health – who’s in charge?

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Is taking control of your own health proving to be a challenge? Today, we offer you a straightforward plan to help you regain control of your wellbeing and get back on track to good health.

One of the excuses people have for not looking after their wellbeing is that they find it too difficult to change, especially if their loved ones aren’t supportive or healthy themselves. You might also fear that making a healthy lifestyle shift will cause a rift in your relationships, especially if jealousy or a difference in values or personality arises – i.e. we no longer have fun together! So here are some practical ideas to help you take charge of your health.

Own your health
Of course, it’s trying when your partner, family or friends don’t support your lifestyle changes, or consciously (or unconsciously) sabotage your efforts to be healthy. However, the point to keep in mind is that no one can force you to do anything you don’t want to do. The ultimate decision maker is always you.

Speak up
Some loved ones not only don’t want you to change (because it makes you different from them), but they might also go out of their way to subvert your efforts. Tell them nicely that they’re not being helpful or supportive. They might even think they’re just being playful, so it’s up to you to speak up for yourself.

Ask for support
You can’t change your partner, so don’t even try to do so – this will only create resentment. Instead, why not ask them to support and respect your efforts to change yourself? Tell them that while you aren’t expecting them to change, you’d appreciate their encouragement, especially if you feel you’re about to fall off the bandwagon.

Do it anyway
If you want to adopt healthy activities – such as walking, yoga, or going to a health seminar or retreat – but don’t have anyone to go with, go anyway. This way you are more inclined to meet like-minded people, and over the long term, create a support network and new friends who’ll make it much easier to be healthy.

Become the cook
If you’re not in charge of the food in your house, you may need to make cooking and grocery shopping your new hobby. Look for recipes that are not only healthy but also delicious substitutes for your favourites, and allocate some shelves in the pantry and fridge for your food. This will help you to own your lifestyle and separate the opposite lifestyles that are being lived in the house.

The crucial fact is, if you want to prioritise your health, you will have to take the courageous leap to make long-term changes despite your fears of the consequences. If some relationships fall by the wayside, perhaps consider that having someone in your life who doesn’t have your best interest at heart isn’t worth it. Soon, you will find your tribe.

How do you make your health a priority? 

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    “Your government – who’s in charge?” That’s a harder one to answer. The Chinese? The Muslims? One of the government scrub ticks?

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    Don’t rely on the medical profession, they only treat the symptom not the cause. Start small and build up your health and fitness, trying to do it all in once is a sure way of failing. I never used to eat fruit, then started with half a kiwi for example, now I eat a whole bowl of fruit every morning. Cut out one bad for your health thing a week and add one good health thing a week and you are on your way.



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