Six little-known iPad tricks

Smart tablets are becoming more popular for older Australians who want to access the internet without all the complexities of using a computer. One of the more common smart tablets are iPads, and for good reason – they’re incredibly easy to use.

The iPad comes with copious features, half of which you’ll probably never need to use. And with each new operating system comes improved functionality. Even if you’re a seasoned iPad user, these six little-known iPad tricks may come in handy.

Take a screen shot
Press and hold the sleep/wake button on the top right-hand side of your iPad at the same time as pressing the home button at the bottom of your screen and you’ll take a screenshot of whatever is on your screen at the time. Your screenshot will be saved in your photo gallery.

Group your apps
You can group all of your favourite apps together in folders. Simply hold your finger down on any app’s icon until you see it start to wiggle. Now drag it on top of another app and your iPad will create a folder that holds the two apps. The folder will be automatically named within the context of the apps you are grouping, or you can choose your own label. Up to 105 apps can be stored within a folder.

Reboot your iPad
If your iPad is running a bit slow or an app is freezing, you can reboot it by holding down the sleep/wake button until it totally switches off. Then press the sleep/wake button again and hold it until you see the Apple icon appear on screen to start it back up.

A quick tip to improve your battery life
One of the biggest sponges of iPad battery power is the screen. To improve your battery life, go to ‘Setting’ > ‘Display & Brightness’ (or ‘Brightness & Wallpaper’ on older iPads) then adjust your screen’s brightness by moving the slider to the left. Around 30-35 per cent brightness is all you should need to clearly see your screen in most ambient light conditions.

Quick access to iPad controls
If you slide your finger up from the very bottom of your screen, you’ll have access to iTunes controls, Bluetooth settings, your flashlight, brightness, clock, calculator, camera and more.

Add your favourite apps to the app tray
You can also add your favourite apps to the tray at the bottom of your screen. To do this, just tap an app icon as you do when you create folders, then drag and drop onto the bottom tray.

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