A woman scorned

If ever you need to be reminded about how revenge is a dish best served cold, then take a tip from the Melbourne woman who sold her ex’s Porsche at a knock-down price.

After her marriage of 25 years broke down following her husband’s cheating with a young blonde, the woman sold his beloved car for $20,000, a fraction of its value. Similar models are selling for $200,000.

In her ad on revengesales.com.au, the woman said, “to pay him back, as I have rightful ownership of his precious Porsche, I have decided to sell it for a specific price of $20,000.”

And her plans? “I figured $20,000 is just enough for a return flight/accommodation to Europe so I can fondle with all the wealthy European men!” she said.

Why not see what else is being offered by spiteful sellers at Revengesales.com.au?

How far have you gone for revenge? What is your favourite revenge story?

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