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Are hangover cures worth the hype?

Most people have their go-to hangover cure – the post-celebration headache fix they swear by. But for every fact about a hangover cure, there are as many, or more, myths attached to it.  Find out if your trusty hangover cure is fact or just hype.

Myth: Sweat it out

Fact: You probably know someone who swears that working up a sweat does wonders for cleaning out the hangover cobwebs. Hitting the gym, going for a jog or engaging any other kind of cardio exercise (like sex), comes from the idea that you’ll ‘sweat out’ the toxins and release ‘feel good’ endorphins. The fact is, by the time you’re feeling well enough to exercise, your body has already metabolised the alcohol, so there’s nothing left to sweat out.

Myth: The fast food fix

Fact: When you’re intoxicated, putting down a greasy burger and fries seems like the best decision in the world. That’s because fat, salt and sugar help your body break down the alcohol in your system, so it makes sense that you have cravings. The problem is that heavy foods are difficult for the body to process, even on a good day. More to the point, greasy foods can actually make you feel worse the next day (can you say ‘heartburn’?).

Myth: Keep drinking alcohol

Fact: Known as ‘hair of the dog’ this is perhaps the biggest hangover cure myth of them all. Cracking open a tinny first thing in the morning may temporarily make you feel ok, but by making yourself tipsy again, you’re just delaying the inevitable. You’ll pay a bigger price when it wears off. It’s much better to take some aspirin and drink plenty of non-alcoholic beverages.

Best-known cure

The best way to avoid a hangover is to drink plenty of water between drinks and not drink to excess in the first place. However, if you do find yourself with a pounding head and a churning stomach after a big night of celebrations, one thing can help.

It’s true that alcohol dehydrates you and depletes your electrolytes, so it’s important to replenish these and rehydrate. You can do this by drinking one of the most effective remedies for a hangover: a concoction of warm water mixed with salt, honey and lemon juice. It doesn’t sound delicious (and it’s not!) but it’ll do the trick!

What are your go-to hangover cures?

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