Barry’s drone revelation

Barry used to hate the idea of drones, but he has changed his mind.

In case you’ve lived under a rock for the past decade, a drone is an unmanned aerial vehicle that can send vision from high up to a ground-based control system.

Barry used to think they were an invasion of privacy and he didn’t like the thought of them intruding on his, or anyone else’s, space.

“Then my neighbour went surfing recently with some mates and they were joined in the water by two whales.

“My neighbour, who is a cameraman, raced to his van, sent up his drone and got some amazing vision of his friends on their boards getting very close and personal with the whales.

“It was just fantastic vision and something they’ll have forever.”

For the record, the neighbour posted the vision on Instagram where it was noticed by a television channel which paid him for it and put it on their nightly news, enabling many thousands of people to also enjoy the moment.


Here’s something from our ‘Useless Information’ file.

The month of December gets its name from the Latin word for ten – decem.

That would make you think that December should be the 10th month, not the 12th, and, indeed, it was once the 10th month of the Roman calendar.

Then along came January and February and they were added at the beginning of the calendar. December got pushed back, but retained its name.


Pam has an apology to make to her mother, and she wants to make it, even though her mother died 11 years ago.

“Mum wanted her ashes sprinkled on Mt Kosciuszko for two reasons – it was where my father proposed to her and she wanted to look out across Australia from its highest point.

“Unfortunately, I haven’t had a chance to get there and with two crook knees, I’m not sure I will.

“So for 11 years, Mum has sat at home in an urn under the stairs. I hope she doesn’t mind.”


Mick was convinced his fishing boat was painted with a fish repellent. Eight recent trips and he hadn’t caught a thing.

“Then my son-in-law and his mate took it out and they hit a school of Australian salmon. He couldn’t pull them into the boat fast enough.

“And on the weekend, a mate borrowed it and caught a really nice snapper.

“The photos of all these fish in my boat are making me sick.”


Who remembers when a petrol station used to sell different brands of petrol?

Who remembers when, if you saw someone walking along a country road, you’d ask them if they wanted a lift?

Who remembers when the Yellow Pages were the Pink Pages and they lived in the back of the White Pages?

Who remembers when hot water pipes were wrapped in hessian?

And who remembers rushing outside to see a plane flying overhead because it was so unusual?


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