Be bold and fight ageism

It is incredible what older Australians are getting up to these days – and it’s all about growing bold, not old.

In celebration of ageing, Feros Care has launched a seniors ‘selfie’ competition with the theme ‘Get Bold Not Old’. The entries are inspiring – some images are downright amazing – but all of them show older Australians living their lives to the fullest.

Apart from being a bit of fun, the competition aims to break down the traditional stereotypes of growing older to create a more positive image of ageing.

“We want to connect with the public in a fun creative way to help fight ageism and to highlight the fact that when people reach 70 years of age, there is significant scope to set new life goals to continue to learn, create, achieve, love, enjoy and to live life to the fullest,” said Feros Care Chief Executive Jennene Buckley.

From skydiving divas to naughty nudists, boxing blokes and surfing seniors – these are just some of the fun activities featured in the over 70s selfie competition so far.

And you can join in on the fun. All you need to do is snap a selfie or post a pic to your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account using the hashtag #GetBoldNotOld-2015. Or you can upload your photos to the Feros Competition webpage for the entire world to see.

One lucky winning entry will be awarded a $1000 Red Balloon adventure voucher.  But you’d better get cracking because the competition ends 31 August.

Click here for full competition details, including terms and conditions.

Watch this video to find out more.

Here are some inspirational images to help get you started.

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Which is your favourite image? Are you brave enough to take the ‘Be Bold Not Old’ challenge?

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