Brilliant new beach mat

Beach mats may be considered a thing of the past, but if there’s one thing that can bring them back, it’s this innovative design.

Created by a Lebanese student, this isn’t just a mere mat to sunbake on, rather it’s a solar-powered one that charges your phone and chills your beverages. Aptly names the Beachill waterproof mattress, it’s powered by a five-watt solar panel. Lightweight enough to easily carry around, it also includes a small pocket for storage.

Antoine Sayah originally designed the ground-breaking product as part of a university project that required students to invent an item that was ecological and useful to their everyday life. He told Reuters “I designed something that could solve the problems I face when I go to the beach: my phone runs out of battery, water warms up in bottles”.

With a choice of a single or double version, the latter can be converted into a sofa or bed and features a bigger, seven-watt charger. Both designs feature a built-in thermal fridge proving the Beachill waterproof mattress really does have everything but the kitchen sink.

Would you invest in this innovative product?

You can find out more at Ecowatch.

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