Celebrate Australia Day your way

No matter what your political or social views of Australia Day, it’s still a great time to join friends and loved ones for a beer, a BBQ and a celebration of life in Australia. We’ve listed a few Aussie-themed websites to help you figure out your own way to honour our nation’s special day.

Find an Australia Day event near you

Can’t find something to do on Australia Day? Well head to www.australiaday.org.au – hands down the best website for all things Australia Day. Simply enter your postcode into the search area on the main page and choose which categories interest you, and you’ll quickly discover a plethora of public events in your local area. From fun runs, fireworks and flag-raising ceremonies, to live music, barbecues and other cultural events, if you’re looking for a way to celebrate the nation’s favourite day, you’ll find it at www.australiaday.org.au.

Find your nearest public barbecue

Have you ever decided to meet the family for a BBQ in the park, yet once you arrived, you found that you were in a queue of seven families all waiting for the same barbie? Well that’s when the Meat in a Park online BBQ finder is at its most valuable. Simply type in your location, and it will find for you the nearest public hotplate. We can’t, however, guarantee there’ll be no queue, but at least you’ll have an alternative.

The great Australian pastime

Aussie BBQ is Australia’s premier website for anything that has to do with what is widely considered our national pastime, the BBQ. If you have a question about BBQ recipes, safety, or cleaning, then make your way to the Aussie BBQ forum.

Or maybe you would like to know more about BBQ etiquette, such as this pearl of wisdom:

‘When a BBQ chef is cooking on his BBQ always let him use his own methods of BBQ-ing. Even when his steaks are on fire and the food looks like the charcoal it was cooked on (and tastes like it) DO NOT OFFER ADVICE!’. Whatever your ‘BBQuery’, look no further than www.aussiebbq.info.

Aussie Slang Dictionary

Are you a stubby short of a six-pack when it comes to deciphering Aussie slang? Well if you’re unsure as to what a word or phrase means, or how it’s supposed to be used, you can head to the Aussie Slang Dictionary to find out.

Aussie Slang Challenge

Once you’ve brushed up on your Aussie slang, why not try your hand at the Aussie Slang Challenge?

Australian of the Year

Each year on Australia Day we look forward to the announcement of the Australian of the Year. As with all previous years, the 2016 nominees are all highly deserving of the award, and if you’d like to learn more about the nominees from your state, please visit www.australianoftheyear.org.au

Australian citizenship affirmation

Affirmations of citizenship are an important part of Australia Day, with thousands of people proffering commitment, loyalty and love for our country each year as they become citizens of our great nation.

And you, too, can participate in an Australian Citizenship Affirmation Ceremony, by simply downloading a copy of the Affirmation from the Australian Affirmation website and reading it aloud (or to yourself) at your Australia Day gathering. It’s a great way to celebrate your Aussie spirit, as well as the values we all share as a nation.

Oh, and if you’re looking for a good Aussie joke to share with your mates around the barbie on Australia Day, then head to any of the links below.

Classic Australia Day funnies
Convict creations
Friday Funnies

How do you celebrate Australia Day? 

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