Friday Freebies: Life On The Line

We have five DVDs of Todd Sampson’s Life On The Line series to give away this week.

In this ABC series, Sampson (star of Body Hack, Gruen and Redesign My Brain) puts his body on the line and his faith in science to the ultimate test with a series of dangerous challenges that reveal exactly how the laws of physics work.

With help from some of Australia’s leading young physicists, and a first-class construction and safety team, Sampson sets out to show physics in action, from sledding through a blazing inferno with only water to protect him, to scaling a 13-storey building with just a vacuum cleaner strapped to his back.

The DVD features commentary on three episodes and four previously unseen bonus clips.

To win one of five copies of Todd Sampson’s Life On The Line, simply email us at [email protected] with your name, phone number and address, and an answer to this simple question.

Q: Name any of Todd Sampson’s previous TV series.
Entries close 2 June.

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