Win a Superdudes book plus bonus!

Superdudes is a new kid’s book penned by Hi-5’s Stevie Nicholson and illustrated by Nick Rudich. Stevie, who’s been a member of the children’s pop-sensation Hi-5 since 2007, wrote Superdudes in the dressing room and on tour buses as he’s traversed the globe in between performances.

Stevie has spent a lot of time talking to kids and one thing that stuck with him after these conversations was the lack of superheroes for kids between three and nine years old. Well, superheroes that don’t go around clobbering, killing and maiming various villains.

That’s how Superdudes came about. A book that focuses on a child’s imagination and teaches them that anything can be super – even their thumbs!

With characters including Wheels – the superfast racing rebel with a wheel attached to his legs; his sister Super Terrific Amazing Girl who just wins at everything; T-flex – the tyrannosaurus rex who missed the ice age extinction because he was in the gym trying to get his arms bigger; and Jumpin’ Jack, who has springs for legs and lives on the moon.

But by far my favourite Superdudes just have to be the Ninjabread Boys who, as the story goes “were made a long time ago, by a magical chef, who helped them to grow. They’d taste great with milk or a cup of tea. But don’t munch on these dudes, they know karate!”

That’s just a taste of what’s in store for the kids when they read Superdudes, but the real heroes of this book are the super-colourful illustrations drawn by the very talented Nick Rudich. These Superdudes almost jump off the page – the drawings are just that vibrant.

So, to cut a long story short (because kids like that) your grandkids have a chance to win not only a copy of Superdudes, but also a personalised video message from Stevie as well – and just in time for Christmas!

For your chance to win, all you have to do is email us at [email protected] with your name and your child or grandkid’s name, your phone number, address and an answer to the following question:

Q. Who are Leon’s favourite Superdudes?

Entries close 3 December 2015.

For more information about Superdudes, please visit or visit the Superdudes Facebook page.

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