Earn extra cash from home

If you want a little more cash, why not consider one of these fun ideas to earn a few extra dollars from home?

Get crafty

If you’re the artistic type, making your own crafts is a fun way to put a little money in your pocket. Consider your expertise – for example, pottery, jewellery, cooking or sewing. Produce an item you can refine and replicate. This might be handcrafted mugs, jams or teddy bears. Book a local market stall ahead of time to give yourself a deadline to finish your creations. If your product sells well, you can consider weekly or monthly attendance.

What to consider: The goal with this endeavour is to make money, so factor in the cost of the materials, your time and the stall fee when you choose a sale price. Some local community markets will not let you sell food, so check the guidelines.


If you know people with children, you can offer babysitting services. Parents often look for daytime babysitting and after-school or evening care. Instead of them paying for expensive childcare, offer to look after the children of family members, neighbours and friends at a mutually agreed fee.

What to consider: Try putting up ads in local coffee shops or newspapers and ask people to recommend you to get the word out. Think about your mobility and ability to respond quickly, as children learning to crawl or walk have a tendency to dash away. Take a look at this babysitting price calculator. Alternatively, you can consider a dog-sitting or dog-walking service

Writing and editing

If you have professional expertise in writing and editing, consider using these skills for freelance work. Use job search engines, such as Seek.com.au to find organisations looking for technical writers and editors. They might need copywriter for publications, or someone to proofread documents or edit resumes All of these can be done from home.

What to consider: You will most likely need a computer with good internet access along with the required software, mostly Microsoft Word. Make sure to provide organisations with your current resume and past writing and editing examples. You will either be offered a fixed price or asked to negotiate one. For more information on offering a price go to Writer’s Digest.


If you’re a retired teacher or industry professional, tutoring is an excellent way to use your existing knowledge and skills. A simple proficiency in relevant subjects is usually enough when tutoring younger children. If you have an aptitude for maths, maths tutoring might be for you. Get your hands on a current and relevant maths text book and brush-up on your knowledge.

What to consider: Look for neighbours you know and trust to allow their children to come to your home for after-school or weekend tutoring. Try to make the learning experience fun for the child so their parents recommend you to other parents. When choosing a rate, research online to find out what tutoring companies and other amateur tutors charge. Or use this tutoring price calculator.

Written by Amelia Theodorakis

A writer and communications specialist with eight years’ in startups, SMEs, not-for-profits and corporates. Interests and expertise in gender studies, history, finance, banking, human interest, literature and poetry.

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