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Easy make-up hacks to elevate mature skin

While we change our wardrobe in tune with the seasons, our beauty routine can get stuck in a rut.

It’s easy to do, especially if you feel comfortable with the same old products and techniques.

“One of the questions I get asked a lot about as a make-up artist, is how best to wear make-up over the age of 40,” says Carly Utting, senior artist at cosmetic company MAC.

“And truth be told, this will look differently than it did when you were 20.”

As an over-40 make-up artist and make-up wearer, Ms Utting says she uses make-up to enhance her features to be smoother and plumper, or more defined.

“As we age, the tone of your skin changes and we tend to loose pigmentation in the lips and cheeks, so this is where I focus on when styling a make-up look for an over-40s client,” highlights Ms Utting.

Skin prep

Aimee Connolly, make-up artist and founder of Sculpted by Aimee, says: “Regardless of your age, a great make-up day always starts with your skin prep.”

Older woman applying moisturising face cream

“Make-up will apply more seamlessly when using the right base products for your skin concerns – for all skin, hydration is key, and particularly as we age.”

Before you grab your make-up bag, Ms Connolly says to give your skin the drink it needs with a silky-smooth serum and hydrating moisturiser.

She suggests a hydrating serum infused with the all-important, skin-boosting ingredient hyaluronic acid for lasting luminosity.

Paired with a ceramide-rich daily moisturiser, Ms Connolly says the skin barrier will be strengthened and moisture will be locked in. “To prolong your make-up, while still keeping your skin hydrated.”


MAC Studio Radiance Serum-Powered Foundation, MAC
MAC Studio Radiance Serum-Powered Foundation.

“Selecting the best foundation for my skin has been a little like finding my perfect pair of jeans!” says Ms Utting. “I’ve trialled so many over the last couple of years, and my main advice would be to opt for a serum-like foundation, or a foundation with lots of skin-caring ingredients.”

She continues: “These foundations not only add radiance and even out the skin, but they treat the skin while you’re wearing it.”


“When powdering the skin, opt for blurring, finely milled powder,” advises Ms Utting. She suggests MAC Studio Fix Pro Set + Blur Weightless Loose Powder as a go-to for 40+ skin.

“This formula will softly blur fine lines and texture, to create a smooth, even base, particularly when applied with a soft medium-sized brush,” explains Ms Utting.

MAC Studio Fix Pro Set + Blur Weightless Loose Powder, MAC
MAC Studio Fix Pro Set + Blur Weightless Loose Powder.

“Packing too much powder onto fine lines can enhance them, but softly brushing powder with a brush works wonders at disguising them!”


MAC Glow Play Blush, So Natural, MAC
MAC Glow Play Blush, So Natural.

Ms Utting says she adores adding a creamy, radiant colour to the cheek on 40+ skin. She suggests MAC Glow Play blushers in So Natural and Blush Please for a beautiful flush of colour to the cheek.

“The formula lends itself perfectly to a skin that requires a little extra TLC, says Ms Utting. “Bouncy and playful, it adds a luminous, healthy, youthful shine.”

Meanwhile, Ms Connolly says Sculpted by Aimee Cream Luxe Blush in Dusty Rose is her go-to shade: “It will add a natural rosy tint to the apples of the cheeks and tip of the nose, without appearing too strong in colour.”


A lip primer will smooth out fine lines that form on your lips over time, says Ms Utting. “Meaning when you apply your lipstick, your lips look more even and fuller.”

She says this should be followed by a lip liner in two or three shades darker than your natural lip shade. “Pushing the boundaries of your natural lip line to enhance the shape is a wonderful way of achieving a fuller pout.”

Texture wise, Ms Utting says a soft shine on the lips enhances the shape, so she recommends glossing over the top of any lip shade. She recommends going for glosses that are super creamy and not sticky, so they stay put and add a beautiful shine.


“Long-lasting cream eye products will always be my go-to choice when creating eye make-up for 40+ clients,” says Ms Utting. “I particularly love a soft sheen to the eyes to brighten and lift.”

While Ms Connolly adds: “To create an eye-opening effect while maintaining a youthful appearance, opt for a natural bronze eyeshadow applied across the eyelid.”

Sculpted By Aimee Brighten & Define Eyeliner Duo, Sculpted By Aimee
Sculpted By Aimee Brighten & Define Eyeliner Duo.

“Enhance definition with a creamy brown kohl liner, particularly suitable for a softer defined eye.”

She suggests an eyeliner duo with a nude shade on the opposite end. “Which is ideal for brightening the waterline, instantly rejuvenating the eyes.”

Sculpted by Aimee My Mascara Brown, Sculpted by Aimee
Sculpted by Aimee My Mascara Brown.

Ms Connolly adds: “Consider switching to a brown mascara, for a softer approach to volumising lashes.”

Do you have a favourite make-up tip? Why not share it in the comments section below?

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– With Sam Wylie-Harris

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