10 beauty tricks you need to know

Some women are very good at doing their hair and makeup. I am not one of those women. I currently don’t own a hairdryer and my hair is lucky if it sees a brush before midday. And if my makeup can’t be done in less than 10 minutes, I’ve lost interest.

Having said this, I perhaps more than most, appreciate a good beauty hack when I see one. Because sharing is caring, here are 10 of the more brilliant I’ve seen lately that will save you time and ensure you’re leaving the house with your best hair and makeup forward.


1. Control your cat eye

Use a credit card to get the perfect cat eye line for eyeshadow or eyeliner, and combat the daily struggle I have of having uneven eyeliner wings.

2. Lighten up

Line inside the bottom of your eye with a light or white eyeliner to make your eyes look brighter and more awake.

3. Don’t forget to warm up

Mascara will go on much more easily if it’s warmed up before you apply it. No, we’re not suggesting putting it in the microwave…pop it in the front of your bra instead while you do everything else so it’s warm when you’re ready to use it.


4. No blush? No worries.

Lipstick can come to the rescue in this situation. Dab onto the apple of your cheeks using your fingers and blend upwards along your cheekbone.

5. True colours

While most of us will test foundation and concealer shades on the back of our hand (guilty), to find your true match test them on your neck instead.

6. Conceal correctly

Did you know the best way to conceal bags under your eyes is by using your concealer in a triangle shape? While most of us tend to follow the curve of our eye, applying concealer from the inner corner of your eye down towards your nose, then up to the middle of your under eye and back to where you started will ensure you look as awake as possible – no caffeine required.


7. Bleed no more

If your lipstick tends to bleed when you apply it, use a concealer or primer around the outside of your lips first. This will provide you with the perfect shape and fill for lines, blocking lipstick from bleeding.

8. Peppermint for plumping

If you want your lips to look fuller, add a dash of peppermint oil to your lip gloss for the perfect extra plumping encouragement they need.


9. Prep your pins

Give your bobby pins a helping hand by spraying them with hairspray before using them on your hair.

10. Do dry shampoo right

Before you just blast your hair with dry shampoo and brush,spray your locks the night before to get better results. Hold the can at least 20cm away from your hair and spray it along your crown and under the top layer of your hair. This allows the product time to absorb the excess oil and do its job properly. If you’re not one for forward planning such as this, then, in any chance, at least give the product a few minutes to sink in before you brush it through your hair.

In the spirit of the sisterhood, do you have any beauty tips or tricks by which you swear to look good for less effort?

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