10-second tailoring trick

They say sharing is caring, and I have a feeling you’re going to thank us for this one. Or rather thank one of my idols, The Man Repeller.

I came across this amazing style trick recently and was shocked, firstly, by how simple it was and, secondly, as to why I’d never thought of it myself.

Unfortunately, even if, you’re like me, and are too impatient to sew, this trick will have your back.

Enter, the humble bobby pin. Already handy in so many ways, and arguably very underrated, this tiny tool is the key to one of the quickest and easiest styling tricks ever.

Running out the door and notice your hem’s falling down? No problem, the bobby pin can fix that. Or have you bought a pair of pants that you need to have taken up but haven’t quite found the time, or tailor, to get the job done? Again, the bobby pin’s got your back.

A trick that works effectively anywhere, there is no task too big, or small, for the king of pins.

Anyway, I’ve raved on, and probably bored you, with the benefits of the bobby pin, so now it’s time to head over to The Man Repeller and see how this trick works in action.

Do you have your own style trick that rivals this one?

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