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She has captured our hearts in one iconic role after the next, but we feel Andie MacDowell’s style never received the credit it deserves. Now, at 61, Andie has made repeated style slam dunks and in April made a return to the runway in Milan – where mature-age women were certainly in vogue! Here we look at the enduring superstar’s fabulous fashions today.

Orange: everyone has a favourite colour and orange is definitely Andie’s. Quite an unusual tone for some but this soft burnt orange is actually quite wearable for most people’s colouring. If you’re testing out the colour, you may like to consider trying it with make-up first so you don’t feel washed out. Also, we prefer this tone with a neutral lip to ground the hue.

Never did we imagine tangerine as an elegant colour but here we have the proof that it can be incredibly sophisticated.

The pleated skirt trend, coupled with a splice of colour keeps 60-something Andie at the forefront of fashion.

Oranges and purples look best in washed-out versions. If these were deeply saturated versions it would feel a tad garish.

Head-to-toe orange works well in a sleek silhouette and the bare shoulders keep it fresh.

Red carpet: Thought there could be no such thing as relaxed opulence? Think again. Andie’s carefree and iconic soft curls keep her formal looks chilled, but her natural southern grandeur is evident in her jaw-dropping gowns.

The gradient in colour is what makes this otherwise-common red carpet frock different to the rest.

Printed red carpet gowns are as rare as they are lovely.

Step aside 20-year-olds – this 61-year-old is the queen of the carpet!

Off-duty: Everyone has their casual days and while we’re sure Andie has different outfits for around the house, we adore the off-duty looks that get her from A to B.

Creamy cable knits plus tan leather boots scream cosy winter vibes!

Although we are a bit obsessed with sneakers, these smart dress shoes give quite the sophisticated edge to Andie’s chic outfit.

The only thing we love more than a preppy stripe is a red preppy stripe!

Fashion goddess: Ms MacDowell looks to have grown into someone totally confident in her personal style. She isn’t afraid to push the boundaries and occasionally enter the world of high fashion. While we love a classic wearable look, it’s the ability to bring that extra cool factor when it takes her fancy that we really admire.

This statement jumpsuit is on our wish list! It’s a list of wishes we will never make come true though as this outfit is all Dior … alas!

We’ve talked about volume and the role it can play in making your clothes look more expensive. This is played out here in the dramatic fall of the skirt and the gliding outer layer in eye-catching pink.

Suited to a tee: There is a suit for everyone. Truly. Depending on your shape, you can opt for a jacket that buttons under the bust or midline to accentuate an hourglass figure. If you’re more of an apple, never do up your buttons. A very slightly flared trouser looks good on long-legged girls and a hint of ankle exposure (7/8 lengths) are great for petites.

What a beautiful happy photo of Andie this is. The iconic tartan suit would make us smile too.

We love this white paired with neutral accessories, but it would look equally fabulous with a pop of colour too, perhaps Andie’s favourite orange?

Pop on some leopard accessories to inject a sense of fun into your tailored outfit.

Reliable black: Because even if you have access to amazing fashion or an unlimited budget as Andie may have, sometimes black is just the best.

What does a beautifully cut black woollen coat look best with? White. Simple!

Wow! Everything is right about this outfit. Right down to the perfect gap between the hem of the pants and the boots. It breaks up the black and keeps Andie looking fresh.

If you love black but feel a bit plain in it, then opt for textures, such as tartan or baroque fabrics, to provide depth.

Andie MacDowell is going from strength to strength and we can’t wait to see what her 70s will bring. It will undoubtedly be full of charisma and we hope even more confidence.

All images from Pinterest.

Rebecca O’Hearn has had a long career as a fashion and beauty editor at Yours, Woman’s Day and FHM magazines and has styled some of Australia’s most famous faces. Her mission now is to help women of all ages feel confident that their wardrobe and beauty choices are the best they can be. Her website,, is packed with fashion, beauty and styling tips. This article first appeared on her website.

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