Dame Judi’s scarf secrets

dame judy dench wearing scarf

Dame Judi Dench does a lot of things well and always being well dressed is one of them. Fashion editor Rebecca O’Hearn shows how Dame Judi’s careful selection of one accessory takes her outfits to another level.


Truth be told we could dedicate pages and pages to Dame Judi Dench. While she is a pleasure to watch as an actor, it’s her effortless style that makes us sit up straight whenever she graces our screens. Coupled with her iconic pixie haircut, each look depicts a relaxed attitude with a natural flair for fashion. There is the air of someone who may enjoy fashion but doesn’t take it too seriously and would never sacrifice comfort. Sounds perfect to us!

Here, we take a look at how this dame wears her famous scarves with each outfit. Adding in layering to create volume, introducing a new texture or creating long lines is styling smarts and it seems Judi is quite the sartorial brainiac.

Re-wear. If you have a signature style, it pays to buy quality pieces and keep them for many incarnations over the years. A blue paisley scarf slung over one shoulder adds flattering long lines and points of interest. A statement such as a mustard patterned scarf brings an all-black look to life. And best of all there is certainly no time limit on these classic Judi looks.


Matching tones. If you’re after a more uniformed style, then add the same colour scarf to your outfit but be sure to introduce a new fabric. Avoid adding identical fabrics as it won’t add depth and just look bulky. If you’re confident in your accessorising, don’t be afraid to clash patterns either a la Dame Judi.


Lush velvets. Yes, there is such a thing as a formal scarf. Theses divine velvets are perfect for an evening out as they deliver an injection of luxury. The warm velvets also play an integral part in your glamorous look by actually keeping you warm! Evening outerwear can be tricky, so why not follow Dame Judi Dench’s lead and opt for an elegant velvet scarf worn as a cosy wrap.


Pop of colour. There will always be times when an all-black outfit seems like the best choice, however many of us feel it’s a bit harsh when framing the face. If you’re in that club with us, then a simple Dench-inspired scarf added to one shoulder is an easy fix. Pick a favourite colour, plain or patterned is fine, and then complement with lippie. Sorted!

Love your style Dame Judi Dench!

* All images via Pinterest.

Rebecca O’Hearn has had a long career as a fashion and beauty editor at Yours, Woman’s Day and FHM magazines and has styled some of Australia’s most famous faces. Her mission now is to help women of all ages feel confident that their wardrobe and beauty choices are the best they can be. Her website, smartcasualclassic.com, is packed with fashion, beauty and styling tips. This article first appeared on her website.

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Written by Rebecca O’Hearn

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