Fun fact: There are two types of jumpers

FiFi explains fabulous slouchy jumpers and how to wear them.

1. One is for layering: You wear it underneath blazers and coats.

It’s chic and neat and perfect for going out to dinner. You can wear it under a blazer. Or under a shirt. It’s a layering piece.

2. The other type of jumper is the slouchy, fashiony knit.

My fav is from Arket. I have it in white and bought it in choc brown last year.

This jumper works on its own. It makes a statement.

It doesn’t need a jacket to make a statement or to look polished.

It’s loose and oversized; you feel like you can wear it without a coat and look chic.

BTW, I have been telling followers to buy a big slouchy jumper since 2015!

If you shopped as FiFi instructed, you would already have had six years of wear. Isn’t that the aim of the game?

Invest early in a trend and then get mileage from your wardrobe.

What to look for in a statement jumper
It should have a polo neck or roll neck. Maybe balloon sleeves.

Big and oversized. It might just cover your bum.

Go for oatmeal, cream, white, navy or grey. All colours are what I call ‘expensive’ colours, but not necessarily so. You don’t need to spend a fortune to look chic. (Hot pink – and other bright colours – never looks expensive unless it is!)

My advice
Don’t invest in black: Boring, not so flattering next to the face and tricky to style.

(Black sweater + black pants = snoozefest.)

Please don’t cry: Store those black sweaters you already own, or team them with high-waist beige pants or groovy wide-leg blue denim. Then wear with a black blazer.

If you only buy one sweater, don’t spend your money on a black one.

How to wear a slouchy jumper

  • It will look fabulous with leather pants.
  • It will love hanging over a maxi flirty skirt .
  • It will adore getting a half tuck into chinos.
  • It will kiss white jeans – especially in winter.
  • It will want to be layered over a shirt (with the shirt tails hanging out).
  • Chic, casual and easy to throw together.
  • Check out the street style ideas below to get some inspo!

Voila: The best slouchy sweaters from luxe to less. Just click on each sweater to shop!

Hint: More on the SHOP pages and on my FiFiFavFinds Pinterest page for my picks from Uniqlo, Zara and H&M.

Fashion editor, stylist and uber shopper FiFi (otherwise known as Fiona Milne) is The FiFi Report.

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