How to get ready faster

Let’s face it, getting ready isn’t always a glamorous or enjoyable affair. Sometimes you just want to throw on an outfit and get out the door quickly especially if you’re running late. But just because you want to be speedy doesn’t mean you can’t look great.

Here are five tips to help you get ready quickly, without looking like you’ve made any less effort.

  1. Leave it to last

Do everything else first. Whether it’s breakfast, a shower, your make up, whatever else you have to get done make sure you start with these tasks. This gives you maximum time to think about what you want to wear and also ensures you avoid spilling anything on your outfit.

  1. Have a safety-net section

We all have those fail proof pieces that work with our best assets and always look great. Dedicate a section of your wardrobe to these items that you now you can always fall back on to build an outfit easily.

This will save you from wasting time where you feel overwhelmed by your overflowing wardrobe. Just pick one of your staples you haven’t worn recently, and work from there.

  1. Organise into outfits

We all have our favourite outfit combinations. Save yourself time and organise your wardrobe into outfits by hanging top and bottom combinations together.

This works with pieces you always wear together. Hang them on the same hanger and you’ll never have to search for the other piece again.

  1. Make your purse portable

If you use more than one bag you can save yourself stacks of time by keeping all your essentials in pouches. This way you can just transfer the pouches between bags. An added bonus: You won’t find out you’ve forgotten something important in another handbag.

  1. Opt for a one piece

If all else fails, don’t forget that dresses and jumpsuits can be worn by themselves. Too cold to bare your legs? Just add tights and a coat and you’re good to go.

Do you have a tried and tested tip for getting ready quickly?

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