How to look one size smaller

We’re all for embracing what God gave us and the body shape we have, but we all have times where we’d prefer to look one size smaller. While healthy eating and exercise are to be encouraged above all else, thankfully there is an alternative (and easier) way to look a size smaller.

By picking the right styles of clothing, you can create the illusion of looking and feeling slimmer. So for what should you look when choosing clothes to appear as if you’ve dropped a dress size? Here are our eight suggestions.

  1. Styles that streamline: this minimises your silhouette by lengthening and elongating your figure.
  2. You know what they say: if you’ve got it flaunt it. So try to choose cuts that highlight your best assets.
  3. Contouring doesn’t just apply to make up: innovative contouring panels in clothing can help to create the shape you want.
  4. Hide problem areas: you can pick a print that distracts and draws attention away from your not-so-favourite assets. Colour-blocking is a great example.
  5. Tried and tested, vertical prints win over horizontal ones every time by helping to create height and lengthen your figure.
  6. Clothing with added texture can also help to hide trouble spots.
  7. You can draw attention to the top half of your body by wearing an angled hemline.
  8. Choose clothing in premium quality fabrics to ensure they fall smoothly, rather than cling and pull in all the wrong places.

And these are our top picks from Noni B’s new slimming range:

1.      Dress with Contrast Stripe, $169.95
2.      3/4 Sleeve Colour Block Top, $79.95

3.      Slim Leg Slimming Pant, $89.95

4.      Surface Interest Jacket with Contrast, $149.95

5.      3/4 Sleeve Print Top with Overlay, $89.95

See the full Slimming Range at Noni B.

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