How to wear grey

As the weather starts to cool down it’s tempting to go back to black. But before you mourn the lack of sunshine, consider choosing a lighter shade instead.

While the movie 50 Shades of Grey may not be for everyone, the colour grey is certainly. It can be tricky to wear, but why not consider these tips? They will see you replacing black with grey in no time.

Select the right shade

There are countless shades of grey, and matching the right shade to the occasion is key. Lighter shades of grey are more casual than darker ones. For a casual weekend look, opt for a light grey knit or top. If you’re keen to wear grey to work, choose a darker shade in a skirt, dress or pants. Grey marle is the most casual version of grey and should be worn with caution, as it is often associated with loungewear. Save grey marle for bumming around at home or on the weekend.

Grey on grey

Despite what you may think, grey does go with grey. However, to avoid looking drab, make sure the two shades you wear contrast. Consider a light grey top or jumper with a dark grey skirt or pants. If in doubt, choose a textural piece such as tweed and match it with a block shade of grey to break-up your ensemble.

Break it up

Break-up grey using black or navy. Consider using black tights and boots to tone down a grey dress. Or pair a navy shirt with grey pants or a skirt. For a softer combination, try matching grey with a soft pink or white. If pink’s not your colour, grey also goes well with blues.

Baby steps

If you’re still not sold on grey, start small and introduce it to your wardrobe using accessories. A big grey scarf, gloves, beanie or tights are all great options with which to begin. For a dressier alternative, choose a grey handbag or boots to complete your outfit.

What’s your favourite shade of grey, and how do you like to wear it?

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