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Should you ever bin the bikini?

Okay, I have to confess, I still wear a two-piece costume and I’m on the wrong side of 50.

I used to think that once we reach 50, we should all start wearing a modest one-piece – that was, until I was in Sicily several years ago. Italian women in Sicily still wear skimpy bikinis, even into their 60s! These women have great self body image, and they absolutely love frolicking around on the beach under the hot sun with their families and grandchildren.

I travelled to Italy with a friend some four years ago, and she was amazed at what the Italians on the beach were wearing – or rather not wearing!

My friend had packed a simple black one-piece swimming costume, but after seeing so many women of a similar age, her confidence grew and now she now travels with a two-piece swimsuit. She happens to be in her late 60s with what could only be called a voluptuous figure.

There are no rules for age or figure shape when it comes to beach wear. It really does depend on what makes you feel comfortable, and what you think suits you.

I have a sister in her 50s who buys the same black one-piece from Zimmerman every year, and another in her late 40s who buys whatever is the latest fashion for a bikini, such as this crochet style.

I’m a great fan of the tankini, as it gives you the opportunity to wear a two-piece that looks like a one piece, but you can lift up the top and get some sun on your stomach, should you choose to do so.

The navy tankini from Miraclesuit is a flattering style, but if you prefer this curvaceous printed tankini from Target, it’s a really good price, then you can mix and match and choose the shape you want for your bottoms; either this boy leg or this more conventional bikini bottom.

Be brave, but also comfortable with your selection.

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