Six tips to look your best in photos

While some people may love the camera, photos are not everyone’s best friend. It can be hard to ‘act natural’ with a piece of technology shoved in your face. Rather than shying away from photos, we have six tips to ensure you’re putting your best face forward and get a winning shot every time.

1. Head tilts are not just for dogs
Facing the camera square on won’t add as much depth to your features as if you slightly tilt your face. Consider the light and shade created from head tilting as similar to good contouring.

2. The right side is actually the left side
You may have heard many people say they have a ‘good’ side when it comes to photos. Turns out, according to a scientific study, it is usually the left side of the face that is more attractive. This means when it comes to group shots, you want to be on the left.

3. See the light
Looking towards some sort of light directly before the photo is taken will shrink your pupils. This helps to reduce the dreaded red-eye effect, though that is rarely a problem these days.

4. Don’t be front and centre
While you may want the spotlight to be on you, standing closest to the camera will only make you look larger than everyone else. If it’s a group photo, position yourself on an even level with the others, so you don’t look disproportionately bigger.

5. The higher the angle …
For seated photos, make sure the shot is taken from above. This will not only ensure your legs look as flattering as possible but by tilting your face up to meet the camera your jaw will be further defined as well.

6. Put your money where your mouth is
The key factor that will make or break a photo is how your mouth looks. If your smile is more of a grimace, or your mouth looks awkward, this will immediately become the focal point and detract from what would otherwise be a good shot. To ensure you give a natural looking smile, take a deep breath and widen your eyes as you breathe out.

What’s your trick for more flattering photos? We’d love to hear how you put your best face forward in the comments section below.

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