The outfit mistakes that make you look unkempt

It’s the little things that can really pull an outfit together or leave you looking messy. Certain types of style faux pas can affect someone’s first impression of you.  Here are 12 things to avoid if you want to look your best.

Rolling your sleeves incorrectly
Rolling up your sleeves in the midseason can keep you cool and look great. It’s actually quite a fashionable look, provided that you take the time to do a double fold.

Two simple folds of equal size will leave your cuffs looking clean and precise.

Rolling or pushing your sleeves can look sloppy.

Wearing white clothing that’s no longer white
Even the whitest of whites will change colour over their lifetime. The good news, though, is that they can usually be restored with some bleach. Baking soda or hydrogen peroxide can also work wonders.

Prevent your whites from becoming former versions of themselves by making whites a separate load. Mixing them with colours can cause them to become dingy and grey.

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Clothes that are pilling
Pills regularly pop up on parts of the garment that frequently rub together, most likely the thigh and armpit areas. 

Blended fabrics are usually the most susceptible to pilling. Fibre blends that contain three or more fabrics have a higher incidence of pilling, especially those that contain both natural and synthetic fibres.

If you don’t feel like handwashing the garments, at least turn them inside out before putting them through a gentle wash.

Air-drying your clothing can also help. Once everything is washed and dried, store or hang your garments inside out.

Not getting your favourite pair of shoes repaired
I know what it’s like to have that favourite pair of shoes that look and feel great. But overwearing them to the point where the soles are fading and the leather is scuffed can look ghastly.

If you don’t fancy searching for the new perfect pair, a cobbler can perform those much-needed repairs.

Remember, the longer you wait, the more you’ll likely have to pay.

Not cleaning your shoes
While we’re on the topic. Dirty shoes can ruin an outfit faster than you can click your heels together.

But how do you keep them looking good and lasting a bit longer? With just a few supplies and some easy steps, you can clean every type of shoe, even slippers. Just read the label to find out the fabric and research what products you can and can’t use.

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Showing up with wet hair
Running out the door without blow-drying your hair suggests you didn’t plan your time properly and had to rush out of the house. You get a pass if it’s raining.

Smudges on your glasses
Keep a microfiber cloth handy at all times, and be sure to rub down your glasses before an important encounter. You want to look your best if you’re getting close enough for someone to see your glasses in such detail.

Going retro without a twist
Retro can be a great look, but it often needs a modern twist to avoid looking like you waltzed right out of the ’80s.

Modern accessories are an easy way to pull a retro look together. Alternatively, you could pair a vintage top with stylish shoes and pants.

Excessively long sleeves
If you’ve got short arms you might understand this one. Long sleeves can make you look, and feel, like a child again.

Unfortunately, your favourite shirt might fit you perfectly everywhere but your arms. If you don’t want to do the double fold, give your tailor a call.

Unkempt facial hair
With a great beard comes great responsibility and beard maintenance takes work. To save you looking sloppy, keep your beard neat and trimmed. You’ll probably want to shave your neck and cheeks, so you have clear lines separating your beard and clean-shaven face.

Not taking care of your nails
Jagged, bitten or unclean nails can send a poor message. Run a nail file over each nail after you’ve trimmed them to ensure nothing can catch on them.

If you’re a fan of painted nails, a few chips in the polish is all it takes to ruin a manicure. Elongate the lifespan of a home manicure by investing in a high-quality base and top coat. Apply an even and thin base coat and allow the layer to dry completely before you put on the colour. Finish with the top coat to keep your nails looking good for as long as possible.

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Skipping the iron
We’re probably all guilty of this one from time to time. But ignoring the iron can make you look dishevelled, or like you’ve just woken up from a nap.

Preventing wrinkles can save you precious time with a little bit of effort.

Read the care tag on your clothing to learn how to wash it best. The water and dryer temperatures you use could have a huge effect on the condition of your clothing. Also, hang your clothes up immediately after they are dry.

How many of these little details have you been caught out by? Do you take clothes to be altered? Why not share the aspects that make you feel great in an outfit in the comments section below?

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Ellie Baxter
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