The transeasonal trend to try now

Isn’t it funny how you can be so certain you’re never going to wear a certain trend again? But fast forward to a few years down the track, and you might find that you’re eating your words. I guess fashion’s fickle like that.

The word I am currently eating is culottes. I’m fairly sure the last time I embraced the concept of them was when I was in scouts, which lasted all of about two hours before I remembered that I hated being outdoors and camping. The knot-tying lesson was obviously somewhat of a traumatic experience, as I have never worn culottes, or army green for that matter, again.

However, now I find myself in standing in the Zara change rooms with multiple pairs of culottes and, perhaps more concerning, liking the way they look so much, I feel my life will not be complete without them.

So what happened? Well I can’t be entirely sure but it seems culottes are back with a vengeance. Somewhere between celebrating Christmas and realising February seems to have disappeared, I noticed they crept back into, or should I say onto, the fashion world. And it doesn’t look like they’ll be going anywhere fast.

Here’s why this is something to be happy about though. Once you put aside your preconceived ideas about culottes, you’ll begin to see they’re actually very easy to wear. Their shape is flattering, they are comfortable and they work with almost anything – and are great for those who aren’t six-foot tall. Choose a pair in a colour other than black – yes, Melburnians, that includes you too – and you have the perfect pair of pants to take you through autumn.

“How do you style them, though?” I hear you ask. I suggest you start by wearing them to work with a singlet or fitted top, jacket or statement scarf and a pair of flats. You can dress them up for the evening by pairing with heels or wedges, and a silk top plus statement jewellery. Or make them casual for daytime by wearing with sandals or sneakers, and a t-shirt or long-sleeve knit. As winter encroaches and the weather gets colder, team them with boots, a jumper and leather jacket, or throw a longer coat over them and play with layers.

If you buy one pair of pants this season, I strongly suggest that they’re culottes – they’re almost impossible to style badly.

Here are my top three picks:

1. Seed Heritage, Drape Culotte, $129.95

2. H&M Culottes, $49.95

3. Zara Culottes, approx. $80.00

What do you think of this trend? Will you give culottes a try this autumn?

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